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研究:婚礼越盛大 婚姻越幸福
Bigger weddings lead to happier marriages

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研究:婚礼越盛大 婚姻越幸福


The stress of organising a big wedding can leave many couples at breaking point, as they battle to coordinate a celebration on a scale which would tax even professional event planners.

But couples wrestling with 150-seat table plans should take heart, for new research suggests that bigger weddings predict more successful marriages.

A study by the University of Virginia in the US, found that couples who had larger ceremonies had higher-quality marriages.

Although cynics may argue that people who can afford an opulent wedding are likely to be financially secure, and therefore happier, the researchers claim that the correlation remains even when controlling for wealth.

They believe that marrying in front of a large number of people demonstrates greater commitment to the union while also discouraging divorce.

“There is some reason to believe that having more witnesses at a wedding may actually strengthen marital quality,” said lead author Dr Galena Rhoades.

“We try to keep our present attitudes and behaviours in line with our past conduct. The desire for consistency is likely enhanced by public expressions of intention.

“Weddings may foster support for the new marriage from within a couple’s network of friends and family. Those who hold a formal wedding are likely to have stronger social networks in the first place.”

The report is part of the ongoing National Marriage Project in the US which has been studying what makes marriages work since 1997.

The survey of 418 people found that only 30 percent of couples who had 50 or fewer guests at the wedding had highly-successful marriages. In contrast, nearly half (47 percent) of couples who had 150 guests or more had strong unions.

National Marriage Project director Brad Wilcox added: “Couples with larger networks of friends and family may have more help, and encouragement, in navigating the challenges of married life.”

The research also discovered that couples who had fewer partners before marriage were happier and more content.

Having several relationships before getting married may lead couples to compare their current partners with former lovers, the authors warn.

“We generally think that having more experience is better. If you were hiring an architect, for example, you would want to hire an architect with more, not less, experience to build your house," said Dr Rhoades.

“But what we find for relationships is just the opposite. Having more experience was related to having a less happy marriage.

“People who had been married before; people who had lived with a boyfriend or girlfriend before and those who had more sexual partners before marriage were each associated with having lower marital quality.

“Having more relationship experience may lead to a greater sense of what the alternatives are. If you have a greater sense of other options it may be harder to invest in, or commit to a marriage.”

The researchers call it the ‘Vegas Fallacy’ – not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, they warn.

“The past does not always stay in the past,” added Dr Rhoades.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that marriage in Britain is stronger than it has been for a generation.

The divorce rate in England and Wales is currently almost 20 percent lower than it was a decade ago.

The trend towards more stable marriages is being driven by younger people, with the divorce rates falling in all age groups up to 50 for men and 45 for women.

By contrast so-called “silver splitter” separations continue to surge, with the number of people over 60 heading to the divorce courts up three percent in a single year and 45 percent in a decade.

Adultery as a cause for divorce has also dropped to an all-time low, accounting for just 14 percent of dissolutions granted to wives in 2012. More than half of wives filing for divorce now cite their husband’s “ unreasonable behaviour”.

The overall divorce rate in England and Wales now stands at 10.8 for every 1,000 married people, a fifth lower than its level in 2002.

However an estimated 42 percent of marriages will still end in divorce.




美国弗吉尼亚大学(University of Virginia)研究发现,婚礼仪式隆重的夫妻,其婚姻质量更高。



“有理由相信,由更多人见证的婚礼可以巩固婚姻。”研究主要发起人伽兰那•罗德斯(Galena Rhoades)博士说。



这个报告来源于美国正在进行的“国家婚姻项目”(National Marriage Project),该项目从1977年便致力于研究婚姻幸福的秘密。


“国家婚姻项目”负责人布拉德•威尔考克斯(Brad Wilcox)补充说道:“拥有较大亲友关系网的夫妻在面对婚姻生活的挑战时,可以得到更多帮助和鼓励,为婚姻保驾护航。”







他们警告道,这是研究人员口中的“拉斯维加斯谬论”(Vegas Fallacy)——不是所有发生在拉斯维加斯的事都会留在拉斯维加斯。


英国国家统计署(Office for National Statistics)的最新数据显示,英国人的婚姻现状比上一代人要稳固。






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研究:婚礼越盛大 婚姻越幸福 研究:婚礼越盛大 婚姻越幸福