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牛津词典公布年度新词 电子水烟“vape”上榜
Oxford chooses 'vape' as its 2014 Word of the Year

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牛津词典公布年度新词 电子水烟“vape”上榜

Enthusiast Brandy Tseu uses an electronic cigarette at The Vapor Spot vapor bar in Los Angeles, California March 4, 2014.

The Oxford English Dictionary named "vape" - the word used for drawing on an electronic cigarette instead of a burning stick of tobacco – as its 2014 word of the year.

"You are thirty times more likely to come across the word 'vape' than you were two years ago, and usage has more than doubled in the past year," staff editors said Monday.

The 2013 word of the year was "selfie," describing the decidedly less controversial self-portrait taken with a smart phones.

The rise of e-cigarettes was cited as the reason for the skyrocketing use of the word - along with countless debates over the safety of using it long term.

The word appeared to peak this year in April, when New York City banned vaping indoors and the United Kingdom opened its first vape café, The Vape Lab in Shoreditch, London, according to the Oxford statement.

A 1983 article in New Society described the e-cigarette, which had not been invented, in as-yet hypothetical terms and appeared to be among the earliest references to the word vaping in that context, Oxford editors said.

It wasn't until 2009, however, that the term began to catch on, editors said.

OxfordDictionaries.com officially added the definition in August. The verb is defined as "to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device."

A derivative of vapor or vaporizing, the word can also be a noun describing the action and the device.

The winner beat out a short list of runners up that included bae, a term for a beloved significant other.

The list also included budtender, a person who serves up cannabis in a shop or dispensary, and slacktivism, a combination of slacker and activism that describes supporting causes through low-level activities such a signing online petitions.






牛津词典编辑部称,2014年4月,纽约市宣布禁止室内吸电子烟,第一家电子水烟咖啡厅Vape Lab在伦敦肖尔迪奇区(Shoreditch)开业,这些将“vape”一词的使用推向顶峰。

他们还表示,“vaping”一词的首次使用可追溯到1983年《新社会》(New Society )上的一篇文章。文中描述了那时还未问世的电子烟。




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牛津词典公布年度新词 电子水烟“vape”上榜 牛津词典公布年度新词 电子水烟“vape”上榜