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 United Arab Emirates (UAE) Vice President, Prime Minister and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum (2nd R) and former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (1st R), attend the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Financial Cooperation Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 24, 2014.  (Xinhua/Tian Wei)

   热词一 Infrastructure 基础设施


迪拜是一个自由、开放、充满活力的地方,也是中东、非洲及南亚的金融、贸易与交通中心” 中国银行中东(迪拜)有限公司执行总裁蔡春彦说,“便利的交通及世界一流的基础设施能让企业无缝运作发展及扩张,良好的治安及便捷的环境也降低了运营成本。”

Dubai is a free, open and dynamic place in the region and has become a financial, trade and transportation hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia,” says Chunyan. “The convenient transport and the world-class infrastructure enable enterprises to seamlessly function, develop and expand while safeness and simplicity reduce the operating costs.”


With its 21st-century infrastructure and highly developed office complexes, transport links and hotels, Dubai has proved itself an ideal place for Chinese businesspeople to use as they pursue African investment strategies.




热词二 Economic Restructure 经济转型



As a world-renowned oil exporting country, the UAE’s economy – as well as Dubai’s – could be easily relegated to that of just oil in people’s minds. However, as HE Hashimy said in the interview, oil exportation now only consists 30% of UAE’s GDP, and Dubai has been dedicated to transforming to a more diverse economy since long time ago, sectors such as tourism and hospitality, financial service, eco-energy started to blossom at the same time.



热词三 China-Arab Trade 中阿贸易



The UAE’s strategic location and position as a gateway into and out of Africa has helped strengthen its relationship with China. China has strong relations with East Africa for its resource commodity imports, such as metals and ores. In reverse, China is an important trading partner for African countries as a source for cheap consumer goods and products to meet rising demands from increasingly affluent populations. Dubai is able to capitalise on these trends by offering a stable and modern base for Chinese companies with support from modern infrastructure, logistics and transport options as well as sound financial infrastructure to support large trade transactions.



热词四 Foreign Investment 外商投资


阿联酋国民银行集团区域经济学家塔诺斯•谢索尼斯(Thanos Tsetsonis)指出,迪拜2013年的外商直接投资中,超过55%来自自贸区。“迪拜投资主要集中在零售及批发贸易、加工制造、交通及通讯。迪拜自贸区成功地将外商直接投资在这些领域中最大化了,这是该模式成功的关键。”迪拜国际金融中心的发展速度属全球同类之最,去年为迪拜的GDP贡献12个百分点,世界各地金融家纷纷慕名前来。7家中国银行已进驻该区,包括中国银行、中国工商银行以及中国建设银行。去年,196家新公司入驻迪拜机场免税区,亚洲企业占17%,其中15%是来自不同产业的中国公司,包括中海油田服务股份有限公司、中国中化集团和中国南方航空。

Thanos Tsetsonis, Sector Economist at banking group Emirates NBD, points out that free zones captured more than 55% of the Emirate’s FDI in 2013. “This highlights Dubai’s successful model of free zone development for maximizing FDI inflows in which retail and wholesale trading, processing manufacturing, transportation and communications remained key drivers of investment.”DIFC, which is the world’s fastest-growing international financial centre and last year contributed over 12 per cent to Dubai’s GDP, has attracted financiers from all corners of the world.Seven Chinese banks have set up here, including the Bank of China Middle East, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the China Construction Bank. Some 196 new tenants licensed in DAFZA (Dubai Airport Freezone) alone over the past year, 17 per cent from Asia. Of those, 15 per cent are Chinese companies in a range of industry sectors, among them COSL Middle East FZE, Sinochem Corporation and China Southern Airlines.



热词五 Financial Market 金融市场



Dubai is acclaimed as one of the most important financial hubs in the region and home to highly independent economic free zones like DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre), as well as active trading Exchanges and Dubai Financial Market (DFM), not to mention myriad international banks and financial institutions. Thanks to an excellent financial atmosphere and a stable political and economic environment, it is no surprise that Chinese investment banks have been attracted to set up offices in Dubai.



热词六 Financial Cooperation 金融合作



“Dubai lies at the heart of three great markets: Asia, Europe and the African continent. It connects the global economy,” said Xiyu Yang, executive vice president, Boao Forum for Asia Institute. “Dubai commands some of the greatest potential in the world for financial cooperation, and is best placed to connect these three diversified, but very dynamic economies.”


“Asian economies are strong in trade and investment, but quite weak in finance,” Yang told delegates. “Taking the energy market as an example; both the major suppliers and consumers of energy are in Asia, yet deals have to be carried out in a third-party currency. We need to strengthen our financial cooperation to match the level we have reached in terms of trade and investment. That’s why we chose Dubai as this year’s location for the Financial Cooperation Conference.”


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