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Meet Skellie, the Popular Skeleton Taking Instagram by Storm

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With over 150,000 followers, Skellie the skeleton is a true Instagram celebrity. Her account, aptly titled ‘@omgliterallydead’, chronicles her daily activities like hanging out at Starbucks, brunches with her BFFs, makeup-free selfies, visits to the dentist, chilling in the bath, or just staying home to enjoy a Netflix binge.

骷髅Skellie在Instagram上面有15万粉丝,是个不折不扣的Instagram红人。她的账号名 @omgliterallydead取得很妙,这个帐号记录她的日常活动,如去星巴克喝咖啡,和闺蜜吃早午餐,素颜自拍,看牙医,洗冷水澡或是宅在家里用 Netflix狂看片。


The whole concept apparently started as a joke between a few co-workers at a Toronto-based social media marketing company. “In early October, a pose-able, plastic skeleton arrived at our office,” said social media manager Dana Herlihy. “My coworkers took to it; someone taped a Starbucks cup to the skeleton’s hand and I took a photo for my personal Instagram.” When that photograph went viral, Dana decided to take a few more, and before she knew it Skellie had her own account.

这个创意来自多伦多一家社交媒体营销公司的员工间的玩笑,社交媒体经理丹娜•赫丽希(Dana Herlihy)说,“10月初,一具能摆出姿势的塑料骷髅来到办公室,同事们很喜欢她,有个同事用胶带把星巴克杯子粘到她手里,我拍了照片发到自己的 Instagram账号上。”这张照片迅速传播开来,丹娜决定再多拍一些照片,很快Skellie就有了自己的账号。




“I continued taking photos of the skeleton and then, on a whim, thought it would be funny for the office skeleton to have its own account,” she said. “I realized there was some interesting potential for contemporary satire, so I ran with it, and it has kind of snowballed since.”





Skellie’s silly and amusing pictures have become a sweet escape for many people looking for a bit of fun online. As new photos are added every day, it’s easy to forget that she’s just a fake skeleton and not a real person.





But the photographs are more than just funny. Dana uses them to take a dig at ‘basic’ women, a term that refers to people who are into everything mainstream – pretty much the opposite of being a hipster. Dana has photographed Skellie doing some pretty ‘basic’ stuff like bragging about bottomless sushi, listening to mainstream music, watching Netflix marathons, and even meeting Santa. She even did a pose similar to Kim Kardashian’s on the cover of Paper magazine that subsequently broke the internet. Interestingly, her Instagram username stems from the gross overuse and misuse of the word ‘literally’.

不过这些照片的意义可不仅仅是好笑,丹娜用这些照片来挖苦“跟风的女人”,指那些凡事跟随主流,几乎从不追求标新立异的女性。丹娜为Skellie拍的 照片中,Skellie常做一些“跟风”的事情,如炫耀自己吃不完的寿司,听主流音乐,马拉松式狂看Netflix视频,甚至是见圣诞老人。她还曾模仿 金•卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)在《Paper》杂志封面上摆的姿势,这张照片随后在网上疯转。有趣的是,她在Instagram上的用户名源于对 literally(照字面地)这个词的滥用和误用。




Reports suggest that while some people have become huge fans of Skellie, others are repulsed by the idea. “Some people love it, laugh, ask to take a photo, or make a witty pun as they pass by,” said Dana, who has experienced all sorts of reactions as she lugs Skellie around with her for possible photo-shoot locations. “Others will pretend there is no skeleton sitting beside me or give me frequent disapproving glances.”

报道显示,虽然有些人成了Skellie的铁粉,也有其他人很反感这个创意。丹娜说,“一些人喜欢她,对她笑、要求拍照或是在路过时说一句巧妙的双关 语。”她在带着Skellie寻找拍摄地点时遭遇过各种各样的反应。“另一些人会假装我身边没有坐着骷髅或是时不时地投来不赞成的目光。”




Still, the whole angle of satire that Skellie represents has become so popular that Dana has started an online shop on Society6 where she sells Skellie-themed merchandise – mugs, iPhone cases, T-shirts, framed art prints and more.





Online magazine Vocativ recently did an interview with Skellie. She stated that her beauty motto is to “dress like every outfit is an #OOTD and always keep your eyebrows on fleek.” She also suggested that a “juice cleanse is the BEST way to detox, and if you don’t have a juicer, then you can just buy a bunch of orange juice from the corner store and start there.” 网络杂志Vocativ近日对Skellie进行了采访,她称自己的美丽格言是,“将每一件衣服都穿出OOTD (outfit of the day,今日最佳着装)的气场,一定要画眉峰高挑的眉形。”她还说,“果汁清肠是排毒的最佳方法,如果你没有榨汁机,就从去街角商店买一打橙汁开始。”




When asked about what it’s like to ‘literally die’, she replied: “Do I seem dead to you? I’m living life to the fullest, bae! You should too!”




chronicle: 记录

brunch: 早午餐

binge: 疯狂看片

on a whim: 突发奇想

satire: 讽刺

hipster: 赶时髦的人,追求新奇的人

subsequently: 随后

repulse: 使反感

merchandise: 商品

mug: 马克杯

detox: 排毒


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