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Talking for talking's sake

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Talking for talking's sake

Reader's question: We're not interested in talking for talking's sake." Could you explain “talking for talking’s sake”?

My comments:

If you talk for talking’s sake, you just want to talk. That is, you do not really intend to get anything solved.

“Sake” is the word to grasp here. If politicians do something for the sake of something else, say, they talk about achieving world peace, then they very well might be accused of holding talks for the purpose of world peace.

World peace is a grand topic, isn’t it? Well, I picked that on purpose, thinking it’ll provide politicians another good opportunity to talk without getting anything done towards meeting that goal. After all, people talk of peace while waging wars, don’t they?

Anyways, bureaucrats talk. And they seem to be having a meeting all the time, too, sometimes giving the impression that they’re having a meeting just for the sake of if (having a meeting). Therefore, do not always expect anything meaningful to come out of it.

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