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It has been 10 years since "Friends" ended its decade long run dominating Thursday nights on NBC as well as pop culture. Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey became cultural touchstones for a generation of TV viewers. And let's face it; spending a decade working on the hottest sitcom on the air is a pretty lucrative gig.

Over the course of 10 seasons, each Friend earned a whopping $88.4 million in salary. They started out in the first season earning $22,500 per episode. They were the first cast to band together in salary negotiations, demanding that each Friend get the same salary. In season three they earned $75,000, then $85,000, then $100,000, then $125,000 per episode for season six. During seasons seven and eight they each earned $750,000 per episode. In seasons nine and 10 they earned $1 million per episode.

That kind of money ensured that none of the Friends would ever really have to work again if they chose. However, as you know, each Friend has gone on to continue working in the film and television industry, some more successfully than others. Let's take a look at what the Friends have been up to for the last 10 years and what they are each worth today...

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston played the slightly spoiled girl next door Rachel Green. She's carried her inherent likeability beyond the small screen, starring in a number of feature films. Aniston has earned over $75 million dollars from her film career alone. Her highest paycheck to date was the $10 million she earned for the 2011 Adam Sandler rom-com "Just Go With It". Between movie paychecks, movie backend points, Friends royalties, and endorsements with companies like Smart Water, Aveeno, and her perfume line, Jennifer Aniston earns between $30 and $35 million per year. Reportedly, Aniston will soon marry her fiancée Justin Theroux. With her net worth of about $150 million dollars, the couple has quite a nice nest egg to start their married life together.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox made her mark as Monica years after she was pulled from the audience to dance with Bruce Springsteen in his "Dancing in the Dark" music video. By the time she was cast on "Friends", Cox had appeared in a number of films including the "Police Academy" films and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". After "Friends", Cox landed a great role in the "Scream" franchise as well as produced a home improvement makeover show called "Mix It Up". These days she's living it up on "Cougar Town", engaged to Snow Patrol front man Johnny McDaid, and enjoying her $120 millionnet worth.

David Schwimmer

Whether you loved or loved to hate Ross, David Schwimmer was perfect as Monica's annoying brother and Rachel's on-again off-again boyfriend. Post friends, Schwimmer has had success both in front of and behind the camera. He's directed a number of films and television series including "Run Fatboy Run", "Friends", "Joey", Growing Up Fischer", and "Little Britain USA". Schwimmer even played himself on the HBO show "Entourage". Schwimmer hasn't had the commercial success that Jennifer Aniston has had, but he can console himself with his $80 million dollar net worth.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry's Chandler Bing couldn't BE more normal and his quirks endeared audiences to his character. Post "Friends", Perry has appeared in "The Whole Nine Yards" and went on to star in a number of television shows like "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", "Mr. Sunshine", "The Good Wife", and most recently "Go On". With a $75 million net worth, Perry doesn't have to worry about finding another long running television show.

Matt LeBlanc

As Joey Tribbiani, Matt LeBlanc played the loveable male lunkhead of the group. After "Friends", LeBlanc got the spin-off sitcom "Joey", which lasted just two seasons. He also appeared in "Charlie's Angels" and "Lost in Space". Since 2011, LeBlanc has starred as a caricature of himself on the Showtime series "Episodes". His catch phrase "How YOU doin'?" lives on as does his $60 millionnet worth.

Lisa Kudrow

Before she was Phoebe Buffay, she played the ditzy waitress Ursula on "Mad About You", who turned out to be Phoebe's twin sister on "Friends". She nailed the ditzy friend role, but in real life is actually quite different. Lisa Kudrow has a BA in Biology from Vassar and was a scientist before she became an actress. Post "Friends" she starred in "The Comeback" playing a former sitcom star trying to revive her career with a reality show. She recently had a recurring role on the mega hit "Scandal", and also is on "Web Therapy". Lisa Kudrow has a net worth of $60 million dollars.





詹妮弗在剧中饰演了有些娇生惯养的邻家女孩瑞秋·格林。她的外表和性格都深受观众们喜爱,也因此为她赢得了不少故事片的片约。光是拍电影,詹妮弗就赚了不下7500万美元(约4.62亿元)。在拍摄2011年亚当·桑德勒的浪漫喜剧《随波逐流》时,詹妮弗获得了1000万美元片酬,这也是她的最高纪录。每年,包括电影片酬,票房分红,《老友记》版税和与智能水(Smart Water)、艾维诺(Aveeno)公司及她的香水系列的广告合约在内的一系列收入能为詹妮弗提供3000万到3500万美元进账。近期,詹妮弗将与未婚夫贾斯汀·塞洛克斯完婚。手握1.5亿美元(约9.3亿元)的净资产,夫妻俩的新婚生活想必富足美满。


在饰演莫妮卡之前,柯特妮·考克斯就因在《暗夜狂舞》的MV中,被布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀一把从观众席上拉起与他共舞而闻名。除此之外,她还出演了好几部电影,其中包括《学警出更》(Police Acadmy)系列和《神探飞机头》(Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)。《老友记》之后,考克斯在《惊声尖叫》(Scream)系列中出演重要角色,还在2003年与前夫一同制作了DIY电视秀《Mix It Up》。近期,她在《熟女镇》(Cougar Town)中担任主角,与雪地巡游者(Snow Patrol)乐队经纪人强尼·克戴德订婚,坐拥1.2亿美元(约7.4亿元)净资产。


不管你喜不喜欢罗斯这个角色,大卫·休默把这个莫妮卡烦人的老哥和瑞秋分分合合男友演的出神入化。作为老友中的一员,休默在镜头内外都取得了不少成功。他导演了一系列电影和电视剧,其中包括《肥仔快跑》(Run Fatboy Run),美国版的《小不列颠》(Little Britain),还有《老友记》和《乔伊》中的几集。他还在HBO原创喜剧《明星伙伴》(Entourage)中客串过。休默在商业上并没有詹妮弗成功,但也有8000万美元(约4.9亿元)的净资产。


马修·派瑞饰演的钱德勒·宾简直不能更古怪,种种怪癖与搞笑行径让不少观众喜欢上了他。《老友记》之后,派瑞出演了电影《整九码》(The Whole Nine Yards),还在《日落大道60号》(Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip),《阳光大龄男》(Mr. Sunshine),《傲骨贤妻》(The Good Wife),以及最近的《走出艳阳天》(Go On)等电视剧中出演角色。派瑞目前身价7500万美元(约4.6亿元),他大可不必去找一个长时间的剧集来养家糊口。


马特饰演的乔伊是这个小团体中呆头呆脑的开心果。《老友记》之后,勒布朗继续出演了衍生剧《乔伊》,但只拍摄了两季。他还在《霹雳娇娃》(Charlie's Angels)和《迷失太空》(Lost in Space)中出过场。从2011年开始,他在新剧《戏里戏外》(Episodes)中扮演自己,嘴里念叨着他在《好友记》中最有名的台词“How YOU doin'?”。他如今身价6000万美元(约3.7亿元)。


在作为菲比·芭菲登上荧屏之前,库卓在《为你疯狂》(Mad About You)中扮演一名傻乎乎的服务员,也是《老友记》中菲比的孪生妹妹。虽然演的是个没头没脑的角色,但是在现实生活中,库卓可聪明得多。她有瓦瑟学院的生物学学士学位,在当演员之前在科研机构工作。在《老友记》之后,她在《归来记》(The Come Back)中饰演一名过气的女影星,指望通过真人秀来重回巅峰。近期,她在大热的剧集《丑闻》(Scandal)作为常驻角色登场,也在《网聊记》(Web Therapy)中担任重要角色。莉莎·库卓的净资产达6000万美元(约3.7亿元)。

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