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8. Working hard to build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with


Over the past year, new progress was made in government self-reform and self-development. To deal with difficulties of all kinds, we paid particular attention to promoting democracy, listening to the opinions of the masses, and protecting their interests. Our civil servants are devoted, diligent and responsible, and they made positive contributions to sustaining economic growth and ensuring people’s well-being and maintaining stability. Nevertheless, the government’s work still fell considerably short of public expectations. The transformation of government functions is incomplete; there is too much government interference in the micro-economy, and public administration and services are relatively weak. Some government employees give too little consideration to carrying out their official duties in accordance with the law; some leading cadres are divorced from reality and the masses, and are excessively formalistic and bureaucratic; and some areas are prone to corruption. With the focus on transforming government functions, we will deepen reform of the administrative system, work hard to make the government devoted to SerViell, strive to create a fair development environment for all types of market entities, deliver quality public services to the masses, and uphold social fairness and justice.


We will fully and properly perform government functions and attach greater importance to public services and administration. We will quickly improve the public service system with full coverage for all, and comprehensively improve our ability to provide basic public services. We will improve the mechanisms for responding to major natural disasters and emergencies that threaten public safety. We will improve our ability to prevent and mitigate natural disasters. We will strengthen the oversight and supervision of food and drug quality. We will ensure workplace safety and reduce the occurrence of major accidents.


We need to adapt to new circumstances, promote reform and innovation in the public administration system, and properly adjust the relationships between different interests. We will earnestly deal with serious infringements on the interests of the people related to conversion of enterprises to a stockholding system, land expropriation, housing demolition and resident relocation, environmental protection, labor disputes, and legal and litigation issues in order to safeguard the people’s lawful rights and interests. We will improve the handling of public complaints lodged via letters or visits. We will improve supervision of and services for the fioating population. We will strengthen all facets of public security, focus on resolving serious public security issues, and guard against and severely crack down on crimes of all sorts in accordance with the law in order to safeguard national security and social stability.


We will work hard to improve our executive ability and earn greater public trust. We will continue to make decision making more scientific and democratic, and ensure that all of our policies are more suitable to conditions and can stand the test of time. We will strengthen inspection and oversight of policy implementation and ensure that all orders are carried out and all prohibitions are observed. We will strengthen administrative accountability. All persons who are derelict in their duty, fail to do their jobs or do them irresponsibly will be held fully accountable. All localities and departments must implement the decisions and arrangements of the central leadership effectively, and they may never go their own way. Government agencies at all levels and their civil servants must conscientiously abide by the Constitution and laws and carry out their administrative duties in strict accordance with the law. We will effectively improve law enforcement in government administration and work to ensure that laws are enforced in a standard, fair and civil manner. We will accelerate the establishment of a sound operating mechanism for government administration, one that allows decision making, enforcement, and oversight departments to restrain and coordinate with each other.


We will give high priority to fighting corruption and encouraging integrity. This has a direct bearing on the firmness of our grip on political power. Leading cadres at all levels, especially high-ranking ones, must resolutely implement the central leadership’s regulations on reporting the main facts concerning their personal financial situations and property, including their incomes, housing and investments, as well as the jobs of their spouses and children, and willingly accept the oversight of departments for discipline inspection. We will make investigating and prosecuting major violations of the law and discipline an important task in the fight against corruption. We will get supervision and auditing departments to fully play their role in strengthening oversight of the exercise of administrative power. We will create a sound body of regulations to prevent and punish corruption, particularly administrative regulations concerning the allocation of public resources, trade in public assets, and the production of public goods, and we will also enhance their binding force. We will run the government diligently and frugally, oppose extravagance and waste, and constantly reduce administrative costs. We will strictly control the construction of office buildings for Party and government bodies, prohibit extravagant remodeling of their office buildings, accelerate the reform of regulations concerning official receptions and the use of official cars, and firmly restrict the use of public funds for traveling abroad. We will effectively reduce the number of meetings and documents, particularly meetings, celebrations, and forums that are long on form and short on content. We will promote transparency of administrative affairs, improve regulations for transparent governance and administrative review, create conditions for the people to criticize and oversee the government, let the news media fully play their oversight role, and exercise power openly.


Everything we do we do to ensure that the people live a happier life with more dignity and to make our society fairer and more harmonious.