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Bella: Hey, sorry I'm late. Biology project.

Bella’s father: I ordered you the spinach salad. I hope that's okay.

Bella: You should order one for yourself next time. Cut back on the steak.

Bella’s father: Hey, I'm as healthy as a horse.

Cora: Say, Chief, boys want to know, did you find anything down by Queets River today?

Bella’s father: Yeah, we found a bare human footprint, but it looks like whoever that is, is headed east, so Kitsap County sheriff is gonna take over from here. Okay?

Cora: I just hope they catch him fast.

Bella’s father: Looks like your friends are flagging you. It's okay if you wanna go join them. I'm just gonna turn in early anyway.

Bella: Me, too.

Bella’s father: Bella, it's Friday night. Go out. Looks like the Newton boy's got a big smile for you.

Bella: Yeah, he's a good buddy.

Bella’s father: What about any of these other yahoos in town? Anybody interest you?

Bella: Dad, we gonna talk about boys?

Bella’s father: Yeah, I guess not. I just feel like I leave you alone too much. You should be around people.

Bella: I don't really mind being alone. I guess I'm kind of like my dad in that way.


Bella: So, how's all the baseball stuff going?

Bella’s mother: Phil's working so hard. You know, spring training. We're looking for a house to rent in case things become more permanent. You'd like Jacksonville, baby.

Bella: Yeah? I'm really liking Forks.

Bella’s mother: What?

Bella: Forks is growing on me.

Bella’s mother: Could a guy have anything to do with that?

Bella: Well, yeah.

Bella’s mother: I knew it. Tell me everything. What is he? Jock? Indie? I bet he's smart. Is he smart?

Bella: Mom, can I talk to you later?

Bella’s mother: Come on, we gotta talk boys. Are you being safe?

Bella: How did you get in here?

Edward: The window.

Bella: Do you do that a lot?

Edward: Well, just the past couple of months. I like watching you sleep. It's kind of fascinating to me. I always want to try one thing. Just stay very still. Don't move.


妙语佳句 活学活用

1. spinach: 菠菜。Bella认为父亲应该也给自己点一盘菠菜沙拉,这样对他的身体比较有好处,牛排的脂肪高,多吃对中年人的健康不利。

2. cut back on: 减少,削减,缩减。Bella让她父亲少吃点牛排。请看例子:

We shall have to cut back on our spending.(我们将不得不削减我们的经费。)

3. as healthy as a horse: 英语中常用的比喻词组,像马一样健康,也可以说as strong as a horse(像马一样强壮)。类似的和动物相关的比喻词组还有:free as a bird;gentle as a lamb;mute as a fish;stupid as a donkey;proud as a peacock等。

4. Chief: 长官。影片中是用来称呼警察,也就是Bella的父亲。Chief也可以用来称呼主任、酋长和其他首领。

5.take over: 接管。例如:The new department head took over yesterday.(新的系主任昨天接任。)

6. flag: 引起注意。影片中Bella的同学在窗外做动作,设法引起Bella的注意。此外,flag也指打旗号或用其他信号使人或车等停下或过来,例如:flag a waitress(招呼女服务员),又如:He flagged me a taxi.(他为我招来一辆出租汽车。)

7. turn in: <口>上床睡觉。看一下例子:

I usually turn in at about 11 o'clock. 我通常11点左右睡觉。

8. got a big smile for you: Bella的父亲是指他觉得Mike Newton对Bella很有意思。

9.yahoo: 乡下人。这里Bella的父亲是用调侃的语气,因为他居住的地方是个小镇。

10. grow on: 越来越被……喜爱。例如:Modern music starts to grow on people.(现代音乐已越来越被人喜欢。)在影片中Bella告诉母亲说她喜欢上了福克斯这个小镇。

11. Jock: <口>赛马的骑师。

12. Indie: (唱片、电影的)独立制片人。



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