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China Daily Video News October 16, 2009

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Nobel Prize Controversy

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has spoken out in defense of its decision to give the award to US President Barack Obama. Critics say that Obama has not accomplished enough to deserve the award, but, said one committee member, “We simply disagree.”

Afghan & Pakistani officials in China

Pakistani’s Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, and Afghanistan’s Second Vice President were both in China this week. In meetings with senior Chinese leaders, and in an interview with the China Daily, they urged the country to increase its support for their anti-terror operations.

China and Russia sign energy agreements

China and Russia signed twelve agreements during a state visit from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this week. They include the establishment of an energy cooperation framework that will extend pipelines from Siberia into Northeastern China and the creation of a ballistic missile test warning system.

Caijing resignations

Caijing Magazine, one of China’s most well-respected publications, has been rocked by the resignations of 70 of its staff members, and, sources say, the magazine’s founder and editor, Hu Shuli, may also leave. The resignations came because the magazine’s owner, SEEC Media Group, allegedly wanted to sharply curtail the magazine’s well-known editorial independence. SEEC had no comment.

22 on trial for gang-related crimes in Chongqing

Trials began on Wednesday for twenty-two people accused of running an organized crime ring in the southwest Chinese city of Chongqing. The trials are part of a larger crackdown on organized crime there that has resulted in the arrests of over 2,000 people this summer.

Possible new species of dinosaur discovered

Paleontologists say they have found what could be a new species of dinosaur near Zhucheng, in Shandong Province. The area has one of the world’s largest concentrations of well-preserved dinosaur bones, and a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was found near there recently as well.

China Daily Video News 2 years old

Finally today marks the second birthday of video news, and we leave you now with a look back at some of the highlights from the last two years.

Video news has relied on the support and hard work of many people since our first show aired on October 16th, 2007, none more so than our show’s anchors. But of course we’d also like to extend a special thank you to our founders, Marc Checkley and Bernice Chan.

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China Daily Video News October 16, 2009

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China Daily Video News October 16, 2009

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