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The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之四

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The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之四

Andrew's mother: Room service. Breakfast for the happy couple.

Margaret: Andrew! Andrew! Andr...Your mother's at the door. Get up! Get up here! Your mother's...

Andrew: Oh, God.

Margaret: Just a second! Not the baby blanket.

Andrew: OK, all right.

Margaret: Not the baby blanket. Get it off, get it off, get it off. OK, all right.

Andrew: Wait a second. Hold on.

Margaret: What? What?

Andrew: Are you wearing makeup?

Margaret: What? No. Of course not.

Andrew: OK, what do we do?

Margaret: Just spoon me, spoon me...

Andrew: All right.

Margaret: Oh, my God! What is that?

Andrew: I'm sorry. It's morning.

Margaret: What do you mean, "It's morning"?

Andrew's mother: Are you OK?

Andrew: Yep! Coming. One second. Yep. Come on in. Everything's fine.

Margaret: Disgusting. Ow, you're on my hair. OK, just...Oh, wow.

Andrew: Ooh, smells good. Cinnamon rolls.

Margaret: Oh, you shouldn't have gone to that trouble.

Andrew's mother: Oh, you're family now. It's no trouble.

Andrew's father: Hey, you have room for one more?

Andrew: Wow. Could we not do the Brady family meeting right now? We just got up...Yeah. if you don't mind.

Andrew's father: Your mother and I have come up with a proposition...and I happen to think it's a terrific idea...

Andrew's mother: We want you to get married here tomorrow.

Andrew's father: Tomorrow.

Margaret: What? What? What?

Andrew: Mmm-mmm. No.

Andrew's mother: Well, you're gonna get married anyway, so why don't you get married here...where we can be all together, and that way Grandma Annie can be a part of it.

Margaret: Oh. Oh, we're...

Andrew: No.

Margaret: No. No, it's Gammy's big birthday tomorrow night.

Andrew: Big day for her.

Margaret: We don't want to ruin it. That's you know...

Gammy: I've had 89 birthday parties. I don't need another one.

Margaret: Oh, Gammy.

Gammy: It would be a dream come true for me to see my one grandchild's wedding. A dream come true!

Andrew: Mmmm.

Gammy: So you'll do it?

Andrew: Mmm-mmm.

Gammy: Before I'm dead?

Margaret: OK. OK.

Andrew: OK.

Andrew's mother: OK, we will do everything. And you can get married like we did, in the barn. It's a Paxton family tradition.

Margaret: Oh, wow!

Andrew: Yup.

Margaret: Wow! Uh! I've always wanted to get married in a... in a barn.

Andrew: I have.

Gammy: It's a sign. A sign from the universe that you're meant to be together. Oh, we must give thanks, I tell you. Come, come. We must give thanks.

Andrew's mother: OK, I know I should leave you alone now. But we're just so excited! I know you're excited, too.

Margaret: It's the craziest.

Andrew's mother: Really excited.

Andrew: Yeah! Go. Go. Go. Oh, my God. When my mom finds out that this whole thing is a sham she's gonna... she's gonna be crushed, and my grandmother's gonna die.

Margaret: Your mom's not going to find out.

Andrew: I... my father. What the hell's with that? The whole wedding thing? Where did that come from?

Margaret: She probably got him worked up into it. It's fine. She's not gonna find out. They're not going to find out.

Andrew: Oh, God. Margaret!

Margaret: Andrew, they're not gonna find out, OK? Just relax. It's gonna be OK. It's not like we're gonna be married forever. We'll be happily divorced before you know it. It will be fine. It will be fine. You OK?

Andrew: Yeah.

Margaret: Get us some coffee.

Andrew: Yeah.

Margaret: So, would you like a cinnamon soy latte?

Andrew: A-ha. You're right, you know...Get a quickie divorce, we'll be fine.

Margaret: Absolutely.

Andrew: It's gonna be fine.

Margaret: Everything is going to be great, but this little missus better learn how to cook...so she can take care of her husband. Keep my man happy. I don't want him leaving me for another woman.

Andrew: Come on...haven't left you yet, Margaret. I got it. Let go. You all right?

Margaret: Yeah, um...You know what? I'm gonna go.

Andrew: Where?

Margaret: I just kinda feel like going outside.

Andrew: All right. That's the bathroom.

Margaret: Oh, yeah. I know. I'm just, uh...I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and then I'm gonna go out, outside.

Andrew: All right. All right.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. spoon: (床上姿势)身体成钥形,双方均侧身,其中一方用胸部和腹部贴紧另一方的背部。spoon也可指做亲吻、爱抚等亲密动作。

2. go to much/a lot of trouble to do sth.: 劳心费力做某事。影片中Margaret是在说客气话,意思是“太麻烦你了”。看一下例子:He must have gone to a lot of trouble to get this.(他一定是费了很大劲儿才拿到这个。)

3. come up with: 想出。例如:He could not come up with a proper answer.(他想不出一个合适的回答。)

4. sham: 骗局。Their independence was a sham. (他们的独立是一个骗局。)sham还可以表示“虚伪,假装”,例如:I’m a blunt straightforward man; I hate sham.(我是个耿直坦率的人,我讨厌虚伪。)

5. crushed: 被压垮,崩溃。看一下例子:She was crushed when she heard the news.(她听到这个消息后崩溃了。)

6. work sb. up: 鼓动,激发,使激动。He had worked himself up into a terrible state about the coming exam.(面对即将举行的考试,他把自己弄得紧张极了。)

Work sth. up / work up sth.则有“逐步发展,逐步建立,逐步完成”的意思。请看例子:

I have worked up quite a thirst playing tennis.(我对打网球渐渐上了瘾)。

I’m hoping to work up these notes into a book.(我希望把这些笔记整理成书。)



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