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The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之六

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Margaret: I, uh... have a bit of an announcement to make about the wedding. A confession, actually.

Andrew: What are you doing?

Margaret: Uh... I'm a Canadian. Yes, Canadian. With an expired visa who was about to be deported. And because I didn't want to leave this wonderful country of yours, I forced Andrew here to marry me.

Andrew: Margaret, stop it.

Margaret: See, Andrew has always had this extraordinary work ethic. Something I think he learned from you. And for three years I watched him work harder than anyone else at our company. And I knew that if I threatened to destroy his career...he would, he would do just about anything. So I blackmailed him to come up here and to lie to you. All of you. And I thought it would be easy to watch him do it. But it wasn't. Turns out it's not easy to ruin someone's life, once you find out how wonderful they are. You have a beautiful family. Don't let this come between you. This was my fault.

Andrew: Margaret...

Margaret: Andrew, this was a business deal, and you held up your end, but now the deal is off. I'm sorry. And, you, meet me at the dock. You're giving me a ride to the airport.

Andrew's mother: What were you thinking?

Andrew: I don't, I don't know.

Andrew's mother: Andrew, you lied to us.

Andrew: Let me get my head on straight, OK? I'll explain everything later. I'm sorry.

(Andrew reading the letter from Margaret): You were right. This book is special. I lied because I knew publishing meant I'd lose you as an assistant. But... you have an extraordinary eye, and I'll make sure we buy this before I leave. Have an amazing life. You deserve it. Margaret.

Andrew's ex-grilfriend: Well, that was, uh... crazy. You know, people are gonna be talking about this forever.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah.

Andrew's ex-grilfriend: Are you OK?

Andrew: Yeah. No. Uh...I just feel...You know what the problem is? The problem is that this woman...is a gigantic pain in my ass. First there's the whole leaving thing. I totally understand that. It's a sham wedding. It's kind of stressful. But then she goes ahead and she leaves this note. Because she doesn't have the decency...the humanity to do it to my face. Three years. Three years I work with this... this terrorist. Never once has she had a nice thing to say, and then she goes ahead and she writes this crap!

Andrew's ex-grilfriend: Andrew. Andrew.

Andrew: But none of that matters because we had a deal!

Andrew's ex-grilfriend: Andrew.

Andrew: Sorry. I'm sorry. I just...She just makes me a little crazy.

Andrew's ex-grilfriend: Yeah. I can see that. So you're just gonna let her go?

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. expire: 期满,到期。例如:The car broke down two days after the guarantee had expired.(那辆车在保修期满两天之后坏了。)

2. blackmail: 威迫。看一下例子:He accused his mother of using emotional blackmail to stop him leaving home.(他指责母亲使用感情手段逼他留在家里。)

3. hold up one's end: 做好自己份内的事,尽自己的责任。请看例子:All you need to do is to hold up your end.(你所需要做的一切就是做好自己份内的事。)

4. pain in one's ass: 令某人讨厌的人。相似的用法还有pain in the neck,意思是“讨厌而难避免的家伙/事情/局面”。例如:It's a pain in the neck having to meet them at that airport.(必须到机场去接他们,真是烦人。)

5. to one's face: 当着某人的面。例如:He wouldn't be so rude to her face.(他不会当着她的面显得那样粗鲁。)



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