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Bridge to Terabithia《仙境之桥》精讲之四

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Students: Janice! You OK?

Driver: What's the problem?

Janice: Jess Aarons tripped me.

Jess: Uh...

Janice: On purpose.

Driver: OK, Aarons. Hit the road.

Leslie: But he didn't do anything.

Driver: Go.

Students: It was definitely him. I know.

Jess: What happened to you?

Leslie: Janice is a very talented person. She can shoot ketchup packets over four rows of seats.

Jess: [Chuckles] Jeez.

Leslie: Can I wash up at your house? My mom sees this, she'll be all over the principal and everybody, and my life will be over.

Jess's mother: Oh. Hello.

Jess: Oh. Mom, this is Leslie.

Jess's mother: Hi, Leslie.

Leslie: Hi.

Jess's mother: It's nice to meet you.

Leslie: Thank you. You too.

Jess's mother: So are you and your family getting settled in OK?

Leslie: Yes, ma'am.

Jess's mother: That's nice.

Jess: Come on. See ya later.

Jess's mother: Not too late, OK, honey?

Brenda: Weird and weirder.

Jess's mother: Hey. Be glad he's found a friend.

Jess: Where's your dad work?

Leslie: At home. Same as my mom. They're writers.

Jess: Writers? What do they write about?

Leslie: Fiction.

Jess: That explains you.

Leslie: What do you mean?

Jess: Well, you like to make things up. And that's what your parents do for a living.

Leslie: You know a lot about hardware?

Jess: No. Why?

Leslie: Well, your dad works at a hardware store.

Jess: OK.

Leslie: All I'm saying is that you are who you are, not your parents.

Jess: If they work at your house, you must get to hang out with them a lot.

Leslie: Not really.

[Pine cone ricochets]

Leslie: What's that?

Jess: Grenade.

Leslie: There're no grenades here.

Jess: [Grunts] Come on!

[Makes explosion noise] [Chittering]

Jess: Squirrels!

Leslie: Part squirrel, part Scott Hoager.

Jess: Squogre.

Leslie: Squogre! The sneaky foot soldiers of the Dark Master. They're attacking!

Jess: We need ammo!

Leslie: This is not good. See them? Up there?

Jess: Yeah.

Leslie: Do you? Really?

Jess: Yeah.


Jess: [Screams] [Grunts]


[Animal wails]

Jess: Les...Leslie? Leslie. Leslie!

Leslie: Come on. You can see the whole kingdom from up here. Isn't this cool? We can do anything here. Look at it. It's all ours. From the mountains to the oceans.

Jess: What am I looking for exactly?

Leslie: You'll see. Just close your eyes...but keep your mind wide open.

Jess: [Exhales deeply] Wow. What do we call this place?

Leslie: Terabithia.

Bridge to Terabithia《仙境之桥》精讲之四

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. trip: 将……绊倒。例如:He stuck his foot out and tripped me.(他伸出脚把我绊倒。)影片中Janice为了整Jess,故意自己摔了一交,然后赖在Jess头上。

另外,trip在作及物动词时还可以表示“使失误,使犯错误”或“使失败,使受挫”。例如:They'll you trip you up someway.(他们将设法击败你。)

2. hit the road: 上路,走吧。

3.Jeez: (Jesus的委婉说法,表示惊讶、强调的叹词)哎呀!天哪!

4. wash up: 洗手洗脸。看一下例子:The children went to wash up after eating lunch.(孩子们吃完午餐后去洗手洗脸。)

wash up还有“洗碗”的意思。例如:He insisted on helping me washing up.(他坚持要帮我洗碗。)

5. be all over sb.: (言语上)攻击,责备。影片中Leslie指如果让她妈知道了,她妈就会和校长还有所有人没完。

6. settle in: 适应(或习惯于)新环境。例如:I haven't yet settled in in my new job; I still find it all rather strange.(我还没有习惯于我的新工作,我觉得一切都还很陌生。)

7. sneaky: 鬼鬼祟祟的。

8. ammo: <口> 弹药;军火。



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