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The Week June 18, 2010

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Summer is here, but school is still in session until July for most Chinese kids. It’s hard not to yawn when you see schoolboys like this one who just can’t seem to stay awake in class. In fact, he’s become a big Internet hit this month and some have dubbed him the “pretend awake brother.” Doesn’t it remind you of some of your co-workers at boring office meetings? Let’s give him an A for an Amazing effort to stay awake in class.

The Karate Kid in China

Of course, it would be hard to fall asleep with Chinese superstar Jackie Chan as your teacher. Jackie Chan and American superstar Will Smith’s son, 12-year-old Jaden Smith, were in Beijing this week for the local premier of their new hit movie, “The Karate Kid”.

Check out the moves of these two, whose movie, which featured more than 560 Chinese crew members, was filmed in Beijing.

What Jackie Chan also brought to Beijing was a great new tourist attraction for his fans worldwide, the Jackie Chan theatre.

All wet in China

Going to see a new movie in a theatre might just be a fun way to stay dry in this rainy month of June in China. Otherwise, don’t leave home without your umbrella. They’re no Karate Kids, but there are umbrella heroes around the world who rush to the aid of those who walk outside in the rain without one.

Are there umbrella heroes in Beijing, too? The Week investigates …

More World Cup craziness

They’re driving some fans crazy. But other fans in China and around the world love the noisy plastic trumpets called Vuvuzelas, the unofficial noisemaker of the 2010 South Africa World Cup. According to National Business Daily, 90 percent of the Vuvuzelas — or vuvu’s -- were made by plastic factories in South China. Earlier this week, South African officials rejected calls by some complainers to ban the noisy trumpets.

Certainly, you can hear them here in Beijing.

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The Week June 18, 2010

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The Week June 18, 2010

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