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The Week: July 30, 2010

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Subway Perverts

In Japan, subway perverts are called chikan. In overcrowded subway cars on this small island that is home to 125 million-plus people, police have arrested dozens of men for pinching and groping female passengers. In fact, Japan earlier this year introduced “female only” cars on one subway line. Why isn’t this a problem in China? The Week investigates ...

Dui vs. Dude

Yes, it’s time for our Language Tip of the Week: Stop repeating yourself! Why is it that so many American men say “dude,” not once, but several times in a conversation. Dude. Dude! Du-ude! And in China, it’s dui, dui, dui. Isn’t one dui, which means okay, enough? Let’s have a showdown to find out who is most annoying when it comes to repeating a single word over and over and over again …

Help Wanted!

All those college graduates in China and around the world are looking for jobs this summer. Here’s one that won’t impress your parents, but might be fun. At this week’s Comic-Con convention in California, actor Johnny Depp is getting ready for a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and advertising for fellow pirates.

Let’s Go Expo!

Summer is here, and that means long lines at China’s famous tourist attractions. Let’s all take a cue from the savvy travelers to the 2010 World Expo under way in Shanghai. They bring portable folding chairs, in lots of different colors. There’s so much to see, and so much to do. So let’s go Expo!

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The Week: July 30, 2010

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The Week: July 30, 2010

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