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The Blind Side《弱点》精讲之五

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Leigh Anne Tuohy: He just want ask you a couple of questions, Michael. You have nothing to hide.

Jocelyn Granger: Ms. Tuohy? Mr. Oher? My name is Jocelyn Granger, and I'm the Assistant Director of Enforcement for the NCAA.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Please, call me Leigh Anne. So, let's do this. Shall we?

Jocelyn Granger: Ms. Tuohy, if you wouldn't mind I'd prefer to speak with Michael alone.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: And how long is that gonna take?

Jocelyn Granger: Awhile.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Go, Michael. Okay? Go. Michael? Michael! I'll be waiting for you in the lobby, alright? I don't know, Sean. I just have a bad feeling about this one. This woman is tough, tough... Hold on. Hey. The client wants what?

Jocelyn Granger: Were you aware that Coach Cotton is accepting a job at Ole Miss?

Michael: No.

Jocelyn Granger: And that this job offer came after you signed with them? Sean Tuohy, your legal guardian went to Ole Miss.

Michael: He played basketball.

Jocelyn Granger: And Mrs. Tuohy went to Ole Miss as well.

Michael: She was a cheerleader.

Jocelyn Granger: Is this safe to say that Ole Miss is their favorite school? Did they like any other Universities? What about, say Tennessee?

Michael: No. They can't stand Tennessee.

Jocelyn Granger: And your tutor...

Michael: Miss Sue.

Jocelyn Granger: Miss Sue. Miss Sue is an Ole Miss grad, too. Miss Sue ever tried to persuade you to attend Ole Miss? Did you know that the Tuohys make generous donations to Ole Miss? That even Miss Sue makes donations? That the Tuohys, they have a condo in Oxford so they can attend as many athletic events as possible? That, in fact, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy are by our definition... "boosters." Mr. Oher. Mr. Oher? Do you understand... Do you know, why am I here?

Michael: To... investigate.

Jocelyn Granger: Yes. To investigate. I'm here to investigate your odd... predicament. Do you find it odd? Your predicament? Michael?...

Michael: Iono. Can I... can I leave now?

Jocelyn Granger: No. You can't.

Michael: What do you want, ma'am?

Jocelyn Granger: I want the facts! I need the truth.

Michael: I didn't lie!

Jocelyn Granger: And I want to know what you think about all this.

Michael: Think about what?

Jocelyn Granger: The NCAA fears that with your recruitment a door might be opened -that boosters from lots of schools in the south will become legal guardians for young athletes without means and funnel them to their Alma Maters. I'm not saying I believe it and I'm not saying I don't, but there're many people involved with this case who would argue that Tuohys they took you in, they clothes you, they fed you.

Michael: No. No. No!

Jocelyn Granger: They paid for your private education, they bought you a car, and paid for your tutor, all as part of a plan to insure that you play football for the University of Mississippi. Michael! We're not finished.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: It's not available. Just like I told you three months ago. So why don't we go with the canvas. The low napa, it's a beautiful--- Oh, I'll call you back. Bye. Michael. So what happened?

Michael: Why'd you do it?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: What?

Michael: All along you wanted me to go to Ole Miss.

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Of course, I did. We love Ole Miss!

Michael: Why did you do this for me?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: What?

Michael: Everything! Was it for you or was it for me? Was it so I would go to school where you wanted?! Was it so I would do what you wanted?!

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Michael, no...

Michael: That's what she thinks. Is she right?

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Michael, honey, I need for you please, listen to me, alright?

Michael: Don't you dare to lie to me. I'm not stupid!

Leigh Anne Tuohy: Michael?! Michael, of course, you're not stupid. Michael?! Come on.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. NCAA:美国全国大学生体育协会,National Collegiate Athletic Association的缩写。

2. lobby:在此处指(公共建筑物进口处的)门厅,大厅。

一般还用来指(就某问题企图影响政治家的)游说团体。例如:The anti-nuclear lobby is becoming stronger.(向议员游说的反核群众声势渐强。)

3. legal guardian:法定监护人。

4. cheerleader:啦啦队队长,动词形式cheerlead即表示“领队加油”。

5. safe to say:可以这样说。常用句型为it is safe to say that…

6. tutor: 家庭教师,私人教师,也可以指大专院校的助教或导师。

7. grad: 毕业生,校友,graduate的缩写。

8. condo: 分户出售的公寓大厦,condominium的缩写。

9. booster: 支持者,拥护者。例如:She is a booster of the local girls' club.(她是当地少女俱乐部的积极支持者。)

10.predicament: 尴尬的处境、困境。例如:Your refusal puts me in an awkward predicament.(你的拒绝让我感到十分为难。)

11.Iono: 我不知道,I don't know的缩写。

12.Alma Maters: 母校。



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