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The Ghost Writer《捉刀手》精讲之二

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Lang: Hi, darling.

Ruth: How was New York?

Lang: Short and sweet. Hi, Barry. Hi, Amelia. Hello. Who are you?

Ghost writer: I'm your ghost.

Lang: Right.

Ruth: Don't worry. He isn't always such a jerk.

Ghost writer: This place really comes alive at night.

Waitress: You'll be with us for four weeks, is that right?

Ghost writer: I'm afraid so.

Waitress: And the bill goes directly to the Rhinehart Corporation?

Ghost writer: Good.

Waitress: That doesn't include the mini-bar.

Amelia: All right. He's ready for you. How's your hotel? Quiet?

Ghost writer: Monastic.

Amelia: That's nice. No distractions.

Lang: Thanks, love. Hi, man. You ready to start?

Ghost writer: Absolutely. Is the manuscript loaded on this?

Amelia: lt is.

Ghost writer: Can l have it?

Amelia: I'm sorry, that would be a security risk.

Ghost writer: You mean I've got to retype the whole manuscript?

Lang: Have you really got my entire book on that little thing?

Amelia: We can get 100 books on it, Adam. And it can be copied in a flash. That's the trouble.

Lang: Amazing. You know the worst thing about my life? You get so out of touch. Everything's done for you. You don't drive, you don't carry money. If I need cash, I have to borrow it from the protection boys.

Ghost writer: This is the kind of details we need in the memoirs.

Lang: I couldn't put that in. People would think I was a complete idiot.

Ghost writer: No, not at all. No, this shows what it's like being Prime Minister. That's exactly what the readers want to know. How does it feel to run a country? How does it feel to be so cut off? How does it feel to be so hated?

Lang: Thanks a lot.

Ghost writer: And so loved.

Lang: Amelia, what do you think?

Amelia: I think I should leave you two alone.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. ghost: 这里指的是ghost writer,捉刀手。


a ghost of a chance 一丝机会

ghost town (曾一度繁华的)被废弃的城镇

be a shadow/ghost of your former self 失去昔日的力量(或影响等);威风不再;不如当年。

2. jerk: 傻瓜,笨蛋。

3. come alive: 热闹起来,活跃起来。

例如:Sound and movement make information come alive.(声音和活动画面使信息变得活灵活现。)

4. mini-bar:迷你酒吧,小酒吧。

5. monastic: 庙宇的,也用来形容宁静简朴的,清修的,禁欲的。这里捉刀手的意思是说旅馆里非常冷清,“像座寺庙”。

例如:He leads a monastic life.(他过着隐居的生活。)

6. security risk: 危险分子(尤指危及国家、机构等安全的),阿米莉娅的意思是“我觉得会有安全隐患”。

7. in a flash:立刻,一瞬间。

例如:The answer came to her in a flash of inspiration.(她突然来了一阵灵感,答案想出来了。)

8. out of touch: 不谙时势的,脱离现实的,也可以指失去联系。

例如:We've been out of touch with Roger for years now.(我们至今已有数年未与罗杰来往了。)



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