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The Ghost Writer《捉刀手》精讲之三

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Ghost Writer: Hello?

Amelia: You need to check out of the hotel immediately. Things have changed. A car is on its way. See you then.

Ghost Writer: Hello?

Woman:Just check on that. Okay?

Reporter: It's getting big, huh?

Ghost Writer: So l see.

Reporter: Who're you with?

Ghost Writer: I'm on my own.

Driver: Oh, sod it. Here we go again.

Rick: You've reached the office of Rick Ricardelli. Leave a message.

Ghost Writer: Hi, Rick. Now they want the book in two weeks. Thanks for getting me this job. Can't talk. Some peace protestors are trying to kill me.

Protestors: You're working for a murderer! You're working for a murderer! Liar! Liar! Liar!

Amelia: Are you ill?

Ghost Writer: No, I'm aging. This place is Shangri-La in reverse.

Amelia: I tried to call you several times last night. You didn't answer.

Ghost Writer: I forgot to charge my mobile phone.

Amelia: Really? And the hotel phone?

Ghost Writer: l'm a heavy sleeper.

Amelia: Well, you can do your heavy sleeping here from now on.

Ghost Writer: Here?

Amelia: We're under siege. You can't run the media gauntlet every day. Eventually, they'll discover who you are. And that would be horrid for you.

Ghost Writer: So, this is where you put the granny.

Amelia: No. This is where we put Mike McAra. We haven't had a chance to clear it yet. The sheets have been changed, though.

Ghost Writer: Actually, I make it a rule never to stay in a client's house.

Amelia: But now you can have constant access to the manuscript. Isn't that what you want? Besides, Sid Kroll will be arriving any minute. Why don't you settle in, and then come up and join us? You're practically one of us now.

Ghost Writer: I am?

Amelia: You drafted the statement yesterday. That makes you an accomplice.

Attorney: So, here's the score. You're not being charged, you're not being arrested. None of this is gonna amount to a hill of beans. The only thing the prosecutor is asking for is permission to launch a formal investigation.

Lang: Investigating me for what?

Attorney: Connie?

Connie: Either crimes against humanity or war crimes.

Ruth: Well, that's absurd. It's not exactly genocide.

Connie: Under Article 25, a person shall be guilty of a war crime if that person facilitates the commission of such a crime or aids, abets or otherwise assists in its commission.

Lang: That's rather sweeping.

Attorney: Well, if it's any comfort, you're in no jeopardy as long as you stay here, among friends.

Lang: Are you saying I can't leave the United States?

Attorney: As your attorney, l strongly advise you not to travel to any country that recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Ruth: Well, just about every country in the world recognizes the lCC.

Attorney: America doesn't.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. sod: 讨厌鬼,或者难办的事情,麻烦的事。

2. Shangri-La in reverse:捉刀手在这里的意思是“这地方简直像个地狱”,Shangri-La香格里拉常用来形容幻想的世外桃源,Shangri-La in reverse则是对糟糕之处的形象说法。

3. heavy sleeper:睡得沉,就是我们平时说的“睡觉很死”。

4. under siege:被包围,被封锁,也用来形容一再遭到批评的,受…困扰的。

例如:The city was under siege. How could they helplessly wait for death?(兵临城下,岂能束手待毙?)

5. run the gauntlet:受严厉谴责,受夹道攻击,这里指媒体的围追堵截。

6. accomplice:同谋者,帮凶。阿米莉亚的意思是“现在我们是一根绳上的蚂蚱”。

7. score:实情,真相。on that/this score就是指as far as that/this is concerned,就那个(或这个)来说,在那个(或这个)问题上。

8. a hill of beans:微不足道,毫无价值,是一种非常口语化的表达。

9. genocide:种族灭绝,大屠杀。


海牙法庭多 三大机构莫搞混


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