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Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之六

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警世故事 Cautionary tale




Remy: Didn't your eyes used to be brown?

Beth: Opticor 202, with kaleidoscope enhancement.

Remy: How do you keep track of all those things you've got in there?

Beth: Let's see. Pancreas and kidneys from the diabetes. One went bad outside warranty. I had to go black market on the replacement. Liver, stomach and lungs, thanks to Q habit. Knee from the car accident. Upgrades. I've got eyes, ears, voice box. Jackson Reproductive Replacement System, release 5.3. Lady Mystique model. Comes in six sparkling colors.

Remy: Stop.

Beth: Flexor Dura-Joints. Billion step warranty.

Remy: Stop.

Beth: Ask me about my lips.

Remy: What brand are your lips?

Beth: They're all me.


Beth: Happy birthday.

Remy: It's not my birthday.

Beth: Birthday. Happy birthday.

Remy: I didn't get you anything.

Beth: Yeah, you did.


Children chanting: There was a man from Troubadour
There was a man from Troubadour
who got blown up during the war.
He did not die, would not concede.

Remy: So what is it I'm writing? It's not just some crappy memoir or even an attempt at apologizing for everything I've done. This is a cautionary tale. I hope that you might learn from my mistakes. 'Cause in the end, a job is not just a job. It's who you are. And if you want to change who you are, well, first, you have to change what you do.

Children chanting: There was a man from Troubadour
who got blown up during the war.
He did not die, would not concede.
How many artiforgs did he need?

Beth: Here.

Remy: Thanks.

Children chanting: Stomach, bladder, pancreas, eyes, intestines.

Beth: So, what is it? A novel? Epic poem?

Remy: Thoughts. It's just Stuff. And it's not finished. What?

Beth: Somebody's coming. You don't hear it?

Remy: What are you doing?

Beth: Put them on.

Children chanting: ...who got blown up during the war.
He did not die, would not concede.
How many artiforgs did he need?
Stomach, bladder, pancreas,
eyes, intestines, liver, blood, guts, head!

Remy: Get down!

Beth: Who's that?

Remy: Landlord, come to collect.Grab the typewriter!

Beth: There's a fire escape.

Remy: No, no! Downstairs.

Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之六

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. kaleidoscope: 万花筒。

2. keep track of: 记录。keep track of something的意思是“了解某事的动态”,keep track of somebody是“与某人保持联系”。看一下例子:Her mother used to keep track of every penny she spent.(她母亲从前把自己所花的每一分钱都记下来。)

3. black market: 黑市,非法交易市场。

4. voice box: 声匣;喉。

5.crappy: 劣质的;蹩脚的。

6. epic poem: 史诗。

7. grab: (尤指匆忙地)取,拿;攫取,抓取。例如:The thief grabbed the purse and ran away with it.(这贼猛地一把抓住钱包逃跑了。)grab还可以表示“匆忙地吃或喝”。例如:Dad grabbed some breakfast and went off to work.(爸爸匆匆吃了点早饭就去上班了。)

8. fire escape: (建筑物外用以逃离火场的)太平梯。

警世故事 Cautionary tale


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