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The Week Dec 17, 2010

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Christmas is coming, and so is the start of the next New Year. This week, the Week looks at some of the big hits of 2010.

A 2010 web sensation

On the Internet, a new poll says the big Web sensation in 2010 was a handsome hobo called Brother Sharp. Some say he looked like just like a fashion model.

iPad mania in 2010

Another big hit was this year’s release of the iPad, a tablet computer from Apple Inc. What can you do with an iPad? Famous Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang showed off his new iPad at a concert in the US this year. As you can hear, the audience loved it.

The worst of The Week

Here on The Week this year, it was all about the worst … as in The Worst Case Scenario. Here’s what can go wrong when you get stuck in an elevator, or find out your boyfriend is cheating.

Of course, everything that’s the best about the holidays can also go very wrong, even at the office Christmas party.

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The Week Dec 17, 2010

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The Week Dec 17, 2010

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