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Jewel: What You Are

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Jewel: What You Are

I'm driving around town

Kinda bored with the windows rolled down

See a girl on the bus stop bench

Dressed to draw attention

Hoping everyone will stare

Jewel: What You Are

If she don't stand out she thinks she'll disappear

Wish I could hold her, tell her, show her

What she wants is already there

A star is a star

It doesn't have to try to shine

Water will fall

A bird just knows how to fly

You don't have to tell a flower how to bloom

Or light how to fill up a room

You already are what you are

And what you are is beautiful

Heard a story the other day

Took place at the local VA

A father talking to his dying son

This was his conversation

"It's not supposed to be like this

You can't go first I can't handle it"

The boy said "Dad now don't you cry,

Remember when I was a child what you used to tell me when I'd ask why?"

(You'd say) Gravity is gravity

It doesn't try to pull you down

Stone is stone

It can't help but hold its ground

The wind just blows, though you can't see

It's everywhere like I'll always be

You already are what you are

And what you are is strong enough

Look in the mirror

Now that's another story to tell

Jewel: What You Are

I give love to others

But I give myself hell

I'd have to tell myself

"In every scene there's a perfect plan"

Everything I hoped to be

I already am

A flower is a flower

It doesn't have to try to bloom

And light is light

Just knows how to fill a room

And dark is dark

So the stars have a place to shine

The tide goes out

So it can come back another time

Goodbye makes a love so sweet

And love is love so it can teach us

We already are what we are

And what we are is beautiful

And strong enough

And good enough

And bright enough

Jewel: What You Are中文歌词

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