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Hachi:A Dog's Tale《忠犬八公的故事》精讲之四

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日本秋田犬 Japanese Akita



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Parker: Hachi!

Wife: That's great, Jake.

Jake: Thanks.

Parker: Kate. You seen Hachi? He wasn't at the station.

Kate: No, I haven't seen him since this morning. Come here. Look at her. Can you believe they had her covered for 30 years? Isn't she beautiful?

Parker: Yeah, she is.

Kate: I'm falling behind schedule.

Parker: You'll catch up. Just think about opening night. That'll freak you out. The youngsoloist steps downstage' sings from La Boheme...and then dance, of course. Following that, rock, rap, hip-hop...jazz and Hamlet. Then of course, the entire town is going to rise up, standing ovation. The place is going crazy. Mayor sees you down there he pulls you up onstage... puts you center stage and thanks you for making it all possible.

Kate: Yeah?

Parker: Yeah.

Kate: I like it.

Parker: Hachi! Come on, boy. Hachi. Hachi. What are you doing here? All right. Stay, stay. Hachi, stay. Okay, go, go away. Go on, get out. Get! Get! Get out of here. Get out! Get out! Come on, come on!

Kate: Parker?

Parker: We got skunked. You wanna come in with us?

Kate: No, I'm gonna pass.

Parker: Okay.

Kate: You better open a window before you go to sleep.

Parker: You really think we smell that bad? You're probably right.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. fall behind schedule: 进度落后,落后于日程安排

If the project falls behind schedule, decision makers will be alerted sooner rather than later.(如果项目落后于进度,决策者将提早收到提醒。)

2. opening night: 首场演出

The audience were enthusiastic on the opening night of the play.(那出戏首次公演之夜观众非常热情。)

3. freak out: 极度兴奋;疯了;颓废;吓坏了;行为异常

We freaked out when we won the lottery.(中了奖券,我们兴奋极了。)

4. soloist: 独奏者,独唱者

5. La Boheme: 波希米亚人,波希米亚,艺术家生涯

6. hip-hop: 嘻哈;街舞

His songs have a strong hip hop flavor.(他的歌带有浓烈的嘻哈色彩。)

7. standing ovation: 长时间起立鼓掌

The singer got a ten-minute standing ovation.(观众起立向那位歌手鼓掌达十分钟。)

8. skunked: skunk指臭鼬,这里帕克的意思是“我们被臭鼬攻击了”。

日本秋田犬 Japanese Akita


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