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Hachi:A Dog's Tale《忠犬八公的故事》精讲之六

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Reporter: Hey, excuse me, sir. The dog out there.

Boilins: Yeah?

Reporter: Is that the dog that I've been hearing so much about?

Boilins: What's it to you?

Reporter: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Teddy Barnes. I'm with the Woonsocket Call. Yeah, I've been hearing a lot of talk about him on the trains. I don't know, sounds like it could make a good story.

Boilins: It's Boilins, Carl Boilins. B-O-I-L-I-N-S. Yes. There's no “Y', in there. I'm the one that found him handed him over.

Reporter: Oh, yeah? So, Carl... where's he live?

Boilins: Well. We're not really sure. He comes and goes.

Reporter: Nobody bothers him?

Boilins: No, we put up with him. He just does what he's doing.

Reporter: Hey. ...you mind if I take a picture? For the newspaper.

Boilins: I don't mind if Hachi doesn't mind.

Reporter: Thank you very much. Very nice, very nice. One without first, please.

Boilins: Without the dog? All right. Stay there.

Reporter: Well, I....

Boilins: Oh, yeah. All right.

Reporter: I appreciate it. That's very kind of you. Okay, nice and tight.

Boilins: Look at that there. Big smile.

Reporter: That's...that's beautiful. Thank you.

Boilins: Hey, Hachi. This kid in Derry...sent you his lunch money. He wants me to buy you treats with it. It's like the third one this week. If this keeps up, I'll have to open a bank account for you. Never say that I gave you nothing. The dog's making out like a bandit here. Look at this, isn't that cute?

Passenger: Hey, Hachi.

Seller: What are you doing with the money?

Boilins: I'm his executor.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. What's it to you?: 你想干嘛?

2. come and go: 来来去去

come and go也可以表示“变化不断”,例如:Fashions come and go but the long dress is always popular. (时尚不断变化,但长裙却永远受到青睐。)

3. one without first: 这里是说“先拍一张独照”。

4. I appreciate it: 感谢你。

5. Big smile: 笑一个。

6. treat: 款待;宴飨

It's my treat.(我请客。)

7. Never say that: 永远不要说

Never say that you cannot do the things unattempted.(未经尝试的事情,永远不要说你做不到。)

8. make out like a bandit: (俚语)获取巨额利润,获得巨大成功。

网坛明星爱宠物 狗狗争宠有绝招


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