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Hello Kitty40岁了!

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日本卡通形象Hello Kitty1日迎来40周岁生日,世界各地粉丝举办庆祝活动,为这一“酷萌”偶像庆生。

日本三丽鸥公司1974年设计出第一款Hello Kitty,最初用在一款零钱包上,后来拓展至小贴纸、笔、笔记本、衣服、玩具、手表、家电等全方位产品上,每年零售总收入超过80亿美元。

洛杉矶和新加坡日前都举行了Hello Kitty展,不过位于东京的展会是最大规模的,有游行等其他活动。

日裔美国人国家博物馆正在研究Hello Kitty的文化背景。该馆馆长称,虽然Hello Kitty是在美国抵制亚洲情绪严重的1970年代来到美国的,它还是一推出就受到年轻女孩的喜爱。

三丽欧公司不久前还曾宣称,Hello Kitty不是一只猫,而是一个女孩,这种说法引起了争议。

Hello Kitty40岁了!


A cute-a-bration has broken out among Hello Kitty fans, as the beloved Japanese character marks its 40th year. Since introducing Hello Kitty in 1974, the Sanrio company has turned simple design and a knack for accessorizing into $8 billion worth of annual sales.

The milestone inspired a Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles and a large run in Singapore. But the largest fete was in Tokyo, where Sanrio put on a parade and other events.

Hello Kitty's cultural context is currently being explored by the Japanese American National Museum, where an exhibit includes "a 12-foot-tall statue depicting Hello Kitty as Cleopatra," as reporter Lisa Napoli noted for NPR last month.

The museum's director, Greg Kimura, told Napoli that despite arriving when anti-Asian sentiment was high in the U.S. back in the 1970s, Hello Kitty "was immediately adopted by young girls because they sensed in her this connection to Japanese and Asian cultural idiom."

The feline character's 40th birthday has also included controversy, after Sanrio said in August, "Hello Kitty is not a cat. She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She's never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature."

But as Japan Times notes today, Hello Kitty "started out life known only as 'the white kitten with no name' ('namae no nai shiroi koneko')." And the company has modulated its tone, telling the website Kotaku, "Hello Kitty is a personification of a cat."

Of course, none of that fazed the feline's fans. NPR.org reader Len Black's comments on Lisa Napoli's story included this birthday poem:

"Lordy, Lordy Hello Kitty is forty, Very cute for such a shorty. The little Kit hasn't changed a bit. They say she's a girl dressed as a cat. Don't know about that. In my heart you'll always be a cat. Happy Birthday Kit Kat!"


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