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Halloween enthusiasts dressed in 'insensitive' costumes relating to MH370 and MH17 have sparked outrage across the globe and have even been slammed by the daughter of MH370 chief steward.

This year's annual festivity saw costumes 'mocking' families involved in the Malaysia Airlines tragedies, as social media users posted dozens of 'distasteful' pictures on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter with the hashtag #malaysia, #toosoon and #MH370.

Malaysian parties have condemned this twisted take on Halloween and have insisted that the individuals responsible should remove the 'tasteless' photos.

'Such jokes or innuendos should be refrained strongly because it may hurt the feelings of those who have lost their loved ones,' Ismail Nasaruddin, President of The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia told Malay Mail.

'Having a Halloween party depicting the MH370 or MH17 does not give a positive message because those are international tragedies involving many nations.

'Do not add salt to the wound as the families have suffered enough.'

Between MH370 and MH17 a total of 537 people from 19 different countries died.

Maira Elizabeth Nari, 18, daughter of MH370 chief steward Andrew Nari, compared the costumes to 'Malaysians making fun of the World Trade Centre tragedy'.

'Those people think it’s really funny but it is not,' she said.

'The ill-fated flight was not a joking matter and if they think this is a joke they are sick.'

Social media users from across the globe have also criticised the revellers, suggesting their costumes have taken the tradition too far and calling them 'stupid', 'low', 'tasteless' and 'without a heart'.

Typically Halloween costumes attempt to take a humorous and clever twist on death, but costumes depicting blood-strained crew zombies from Malaysia Airlines has proved bad taste among social media users.

'Ron' took to Twitter to express his dismay.

'Halloween is cool & all, but there is a line. Why would you dress up as people form #MH370. Have some respect for the families who lost a loved one.'

Costumes of MH370 zombie pilots and even a crafted cardboard MH370 plane was among the dress-up outfits that caused fury around the world.

One video titled 'Anyone seen this flight?' was also posted to social media, as a smiling man dressed as a pilot held a sign with Flight MH370 and a sad face written on it.

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