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Ni-Hao. It is such a pleasure and an honorto be here with all of you at this great university. Thank you so much forhaving me.



And before I get started today, on behalfof myself and my husband, I just want to say a few very brief words aboutMalaysian Airlines Flight370.As my husband has said, the United States isoffering as many resources as possible to assist in the search. And please knowthat we are keeping all the families and loved ones of those on this flight inour thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time。



And I’m here today because I know that ourfuture depends on connections like these among young people like you across theglobe. That’s why when my husband and I travel abroad, we don’t just visitpalaces and parliaments and meet with heads pf state. We also come to schoolslike this one to meet with students like you. Because we believe thatrelationships between nations aren’t just about relationships betweengovernment or leaders…they’re about relationships between people, particularlyour young people. So we view study abroad programs not just as an educationalopportunity for students…but also as a vital part of America’s foreign policy.You see, through the wonders of modern technology, our world is more connectedthan ever before。

我今天来到这里是因为我知道,我们的未来取决于全球像你们这样的年轻人间的联系。这就是为什么当我丈夫和我出国旅行时,我们不只是访问宫殿、议 会和会晤国家元首,我们也来像这样的学校,与像你们一样的学生见面。因为我们相信,国与国之间的关系不只是政府和领导人之间的关系,它们是人民间,尤其是 我们年轻人间的关系。因此,我们认为海外留学[微博]项目不只是为学生提供教育机会,还是美国外交政策中至关重要的组成部分。你们看,通过现代技术奇迹,我们的世界比以往任何时候都更多地联系在一起。


Ideas can cross oceans with the click of abutton. Companies can do business and compete with companies across the globe.And we can text, email and skype with people on every continent. So studyingabroad isn’t just a fun way to spend a semester-it’s a quickly becoming the keyto success in our global economy. Because getting ahead in today’s workplaceisn’t just about getting good grades or test scores in school…it’s also abouthaving real experience with the world beyond your borders-experience withlanguages, cultures and societies very different from your own. Or, as theChinese saying goes: “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to readten thousand books。”

思想可以通过点击按钮跨越海洋;全球各地的公司可以进行业务往来和相互竞争;我们可以与各大洲的人们通过短信、电子邮件和Skype进行沟通。 因此,出国留学不止是以开心的方式度过一个学期,它正迅速成为在全球经济中取得成功的关键。因为要走在当今职场的前沿,只在学校里取得好成绩或好分数是不 够的,还应拥有对境外世界的真实体验——对不同于己的语言、文化和社会的体验。正如中国的一句古话所说:“读万卷书不如行万里路。”


But let’s be clear, studying abroad isabout so much more than improving your own future- it’s also about shaping thefuture of your countries and of the world we all share. Because when it comesto the defining challenges of our time – whether it’s climate change, oreconomic opportunity, or the spread of nuclear weapons…these are sharedchallenges. No one country can confront them alone…the only way forward istogether. That’s why it’s so important for young people like you to live andstudy in each other’s countries. Because that’s how you develop that habit ofcooperation – you do it by immersing yourself in someone else’s culture…bylearning each other’s stories…and by getting past the stereotypes andmisconceptions that too often divide us。

更明确的是,出国留学绝不只是改变你们自己的未来——它还关乎塑造你们国家以及我们大家共同拥有的这个世界的未来。因为就我们这个时代的决定性 挑战而言,无论是气候变化,还是经济机会,或是核武器扩散,这些都是共同的挑战。没有任何一个国家能单独应对它们,唯一的出路就是共同携手,这就是为什么 像你们一样的年轻人到彼此国家学习和生活如此重要。因为这是你们培养合作习惯的途径——你们通过将自己沉浸在别人的文化里,通过了解彼此的故事,通过跨越 经常隔离我们的成见和误解来做到这一点。


That’s how you come to understand how muchwe all share。

And that’s how you realize that we all havea stake in each other’s success – that cures discovered here in Beijing couldsave lives in America…that clean energy technologies from Silicon Valley inCalifornia could improve the environment here in China… that the architectureof an ancient temple in Xi’an could inspire the design of new buildings inDallas or Detroit。

And that’s when the connections you make asclassmates or labmates scan blossom into something more。





That’s what happened when Abigail Colinbecame an American Fulbright Scholar here at Peking University. She and hercolleagues published papers together in top science journals…and they builtresearch partnerships that lasted long after they returned to their homecountries. Professor Niu Ke from Peking University was a Fulbright Scholar inthe U.S. last year…and he reported, and I quote, “The most memorableexperiences were with my American friends。”



These lasting bonds represent the truevalue of studying abroad…and I am thrilled that more and more students aregetting this opportunity. China is currently the fifth most popular destinationfor Americans studying abroad. And today, the highest number of exchangestudents in the U.S. are from China. But still, too many students never havethis chance…and some that do are hesitant to take it. They may feel like studyabroad is only for wealthy students, or students from certain kinds ofuniversities. Or they may think to themselves, “Well, that sounds fun, but howwill it really be useful in my life?”

这些长久的纽带代表着留学的真正价值,我很兴奋,越来越多的学生正得到这样的机会。中国目前是美国人留学的第五大热门目的地。今天的美国,来自 中国的交换生数量最多。尽管如此,太多的学生从来没有这样的机会,而一些有机会的学生犹豫是否要抓住它。他们可能觉得留学只是有钱的学生或来自某类大学的 学生做的事,或者,他们可能心里想:“嗯,这听起来很有趣,但它在我的生活中真正有多大用处呢?”


I understand where these young people arecoming from, because I felt the same way back when I was in college. You see, Icame from a working class family … and it never even occurred to me to studyabroad. My parents didn’t get to attend college, and I was focused on gettinginto a university and earning my degree so I could get a job and supportmyself. And for a lot of young people like me who are struggling to afford aregular semester of school, paying for plane tickets or living expenses halfwayaround the world just isn’t possible. And that’s not acceptable, because studyabroad shouldn’t just be for students from certain backgrounds. Our hope is tobuild connections between people of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds,because it is that diversity that makes our country so vibrant and strong … andour study abroad programs should reflect the true spirit of America to theworld。

我了解而这些年轻人来自哪里,因为我在上大学的时候也有同样的感受。你们看,我来自一个工薪阶层家庭,我甚至从来没想过留学。我的父母没有上过 大学,我把精力集中在进入大学并获得学位,这样我就可以得到一份工作并养活自己。对于很多像我一样靠奋斗才能读得起一个常规学期的年轻人来说,支付世界另 一边的机票或生活费实在是不可能的。这是不可接受的,因为留学不应仅是有某些背景的学生的事。我们希望在所有种族和社会背景的人之间建立联系,因为正是这 样的多样性让我们的国家如此充满活力和强大,我们的海外留学项目应该向世界反映美国的真正精神。


That’s why, when my husband visited Chinaback in 2009, he announced our 100,000 Strong initiative to increase the numberand diversity of American students studying in China。

And this year, as we mark the thirty-fifthanniversary of the normalization of relations between our countries … the U.S.Government actually supports more American students in China than in any othercountry in the world。



We’re sending high school, college andgraduate students here to study Chinese … we’re inviting teachers from China toteach Mandarin in American school … we’re providing free online advising forstudents in China who want to study in the U.S. … and the U.S.-China Fulbrightprogram is still going strong with more than 3,000 alumni. The private sectoris stepping up as well. For example, Steve Schwarzman, the head of an Americancompany called Blackstone, is funding a new program at Tsinghua Universitymodeled on the Rhodes Scholarship。

我们正送高中生、大学生、研究生来这里学习中文,我们正邀请中国老师到美国的学校教授普通话,我们为希望留学美国的中国学生提供免费的在线咨 询,美中富布赖特项目仍在加强,现有3000多名学友。私人部门也在加紧工作。例如,美国黑石公司的主管史蒂夫•施瓦茨曼正在资助清华[微博]大学[微博]模仿罗德奖学金的一个新项目。


And today, students from all kinds ofbackgrounds are studying herein China. Take the example of Royale Nicholsonfrom Cleveland, Ohio who attends New York University’s program in Shanghai.Like me, Rayole is a first generation college student…and her mother worked twofulltime jobs while her father worked nights to support their family. Or herexperience in Shanghai, she said, ”This city oozes persistence and inspires meto accomplish all that I can。” And then there’s Philmon Haile from theUniversity of Washington whose family came to the U.S.as refugees from Eritreawhen he was a child. Of his experience studying in China, he said, ”Studyabroad is a powerful vehicle for people to people exchange as we move into anew era of citizen diplomacy。”

今天,来自各种背景的学生正在中国学习。以来自俄亥俄克利夫兰的罗亚尔•尼克尔森为例,她参加了纽约大学在上海的项目。像我一样,罗亚尔是家里 的第一代大学生,她母亲做两份全职工作,而她父亲晚上工作以维持他们的家庭。谈到她在上海的经历时,她说:“这座城市充满韧性,它激励我完成所有我能做的 事。”还有来自华盛顿大学的腓力门•海尔,他还是孩子的时候,她的家人作为厄立特里亚难民来到了中国。谈到他在中国学习的经历时,他说:“在我们进入公民 外交的新时代之际,留学是人民间交流的一种强大工具。”


“A new era of citizen diplomacy”—I couldn’thave said it better myself, because that’s really what I’m talking about…I’mtalking about ordinary citizens reaching out to the world. And as I always tellyoung people back in America, you don’t need to get on a plane to be a citizendiplomat. I tell them that if you have an internet connection in your home,school, or library, within seconds, you can be transported anywhere in theworld and meet people on every continent. That’s why I’m posting a daily travelblog with videos and photos of my experiences in China—because I want youngpeople in America to be part of this visit。

“一个公民外交的新时代”——我自己想不出比这更好的说法了。因为这正是我正在谈的,那就是普通公民走向世界。正像我在美国经常和年轻人说的那 样,你不需要登上飞机才能成为公民外交官。我告诉他们,如果你在家里、学校或者图书馆能上网,只要几秒钟,你就可以被带到世界的任何地方,遇见来自每个大 陆的人。这就是为什么我每天都要发一篇旅行博文,里面有我这次中国之行的视频和照片——因为我希望美国的年轻人能够成为我这次访问的一部分。


That’s really the power of technology— howit can open up the entire world and expose us to ideas and innovations we nevercould have imagined. And that’s why it is so important for information andideas to flow freely over the internet and through the media. Because that’show we discover the truth…that’s how we learn what’s really happening in ourcommunities, our country and our world. And that’s how we decide which valuesand ideas we think and best—by questioning a debating them vigorously…bylistening to all sides of every argument…and by judging for ourselves。

这的确是技术的力量,它如何得以打开整个世界,让我们接触到以前根本难以想象的思想和创新。同时,这也是为什么信息和思想在互联网上、以及通过 媒体自由流动是如此重要。因为那是我们如何得以了解我们的社群、我们的国家和我们的世界到底在发生着什么。那也是我们如何决定我们认为哪些价值观和思想是 最好的——通过有力地对它们提出疑问、进行辩论,通过每次倾听争论中的所有各方,也通过我们自己进行判断。


And believe me, I know this can be a messyand frustrating process. My husband and I are on the receiving end of plenty ofquestioning and criticism from our media and our fellow citizens…and it’s notalways easy…but we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Because timeand again, we have seen that countries are stronger and more prosperous hen thevoices and opinions of all citizens can be heard. And as my husband has said,we respect the uniqueness of other cultures and societies. But when it comes toexpressing yourself freely, and worshipping as you choose, and having openaccess to information—we believe those are universal rights that are thebirthright of every person on this planet。

相信我,我知道这可以是一个让人既困惑又沮丧的过程。有大量的来自我们媒体和公民的质疑和批评,而我丈夫和我位于接收端,这并非易事,但我们不 愿意用它来换世界上的任何东西。因为我们一次又一次地看到,当所有公民的声音和观点都能得到倾听的时候,国家会觉得更加强大和繁荣。而正像我丈夫曾说过 的,我们尊重其他文化和社会的独特性。然而,就自由地表达自我、选择自己所崇拜,以及享有信息公开而言——我们相信那些是这个星球上的每个人与生俱来普世 权利。


We believe that all people deserve theopportunity to fulfill their highest potential as I was able to do in the UnitedStates. And as you learn about new cultures and form new friendships duringyour time here in China and in the United States, all of you the livingbreathing embodiment of those values. So I guarantee you that in studyingabroad, you’re not just changing your own life…you’re changing the lives ofeveryone you meet. As the great American President John F. Kennedy once saidabout foreign students studying in the U.S., “I think they teach more than theylearn。” And that is just as true of young Americans who study abroad。

我们相信,每个人都应享有实现自己最大潜能的机会,正如我在美国所能做到的那样。同时,当你在中国这里以及在美国了解新的文化、结交新的朋友 时,你整个人就是那些价值观的鲜活代表。所以我保证,通过出国留学,你们不仅在改变自己的人生,你们也在改变所遇到的每个人的人生。正像伟大的美国总统约 翰•肯尼迪(John F. Kennedy)曾经在谈到留学美国的外国学生时说的那样,“我想他们所教的比他们学到的还要多。”而对出国学习的年轻美国人来说也是一样的。


All of you are America’s best face, andChina’s best face, to the world. Every day, you show the world your countries’energy, creativity, optimism and unwavering belief In the future. And everyday, you remind us of just how much we can achieve if we reach acrossborers..and learn to see ourselves in each other…and confront our sharedchallengers with shared resolve. So I hope you all will keep seeking these kidsof experiences. An I hope you’ll keep teaching each other…and learning fromeach other…and building bonds of friendship that will enrich our world fordecades to come. You all have so much to offer, and I cannot wait to see thatyou achieve together in the years ahead。

对世界而言,你们所有人都是最好的美国面孔,和最好的中国面孔。每一天,你们都在向世界展示你们国家的能量、创造力、乐观,以及对未来坚定不移 的信念。每一天,你们都在提醒我们,通过跨越边界,学会在彼此身上看到我们自己,和用共同的决心应对我们共同的挑战,我们可以取得多大的成就。所以,我希 望你们都会不断寻求这样的经历。我也希望你们会继续教彼此,互相学习,同时建立起友谊的纽带,这些纽带能在未来数十年丰富你们的生活,也丰富我们的世界。 你们大家都有这么多可以给予,我迫不及待地想看到,未来几年里你们一起实现的所有成就。


Thank you so much. Xie—Xie。




















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