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1. How did you pull off the impossible? 你是怎么完成这个壮举的?

2. It feels like if we lose that space, the next domino to fall is the house. 我害怕如果我们失去那块地,马上就会牵连到我们的房子。

3. Doesn't jibe with everything I felt in the cockpit. 和我在驾驶舱的亲身感受完全不一致。

4. She gave me the eye. 她对我“放电”了。

5. You could go pro. 你可以以此谋生了。

6. I cannot believe you have the sack to say that. 我不敢相信你居然有胆这样说。

7. The union is pulling out all the big guns today, huh? 工会今天把重量级人物都派出来了啊?



Sully: Nice view of the Hudson. I'll never get over how beautiful it is up here.

Jeff: Life's easier in the air.

Sully: I guess it is. Birds!

Jeff: Whoa.


Jeff: Oh, shit.

Sully: Oh, yeah.


Woman: It's just turbulence, probably.

Sheila: I'll check the cabin.

Male passenger: What do you think's going on?

Sheila: It's okay.

Doreen: Everyone, might be a good idea just to keep your seat belts on.

Sully: We got one rolling back. We have both of them rolling back. Ignition start.



Elder female passenger: Oh, my God.

Sully: I'm starting the APU.

Sheila: Just double-check your seat belts, please.

Donna: Seat belt. Relax.

Sheila: Can I make sure your seatbelts are fastened?

Donna: Make sure your seat belts are fastened.

Doreen: Seat belts.

Sheila: What do you think that was?

Donna: I think it was a bird strike.

Sheila: Then we're going back to LaGuardia.

Donna: Yeah.


Sully: Get out the QRH. Loss of thrust on both engines. Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is Cactus 1549. We hit birds.

Patrick: Maintain 1-5000, Delta 3-3-1.

Sully: We've lost thrust on both engines. We are turning back towards LaGuardia.

Patrick: Okay, you need to return to LaGuardia? Turn left heading 2-2-0.

Sully: 2-2-0.

Patrick: Which engine did you lose?

Sully: Both. Both engines.

Patrick: Supe?

ATC supervisor: Yeah?

Patrick: I have an emergency.

ATC supervisor: What's the report?

Patrick: Both engines.

ATC supervisor: What?

Patrick: Both engines gone. No thrust.

ATC supervisor: All right. LaGuardia says go to runway 1-3.

Patrick: Tower, stop your departure. Got an emergency returning. 1549, bird strike. He lost both engines. Returning immediately.

Tower operator: Which engine?

Patrick: He lost thrust in both engines, he said. Cactus 1549, if we can get it for you, do you wanna try to land runway 1 -3?

Sully: We are unable. We may end up in the Hudson.


Patrick: I got an A320 diving for the river. Al, stack all the inbounds to LaGuardia.

ATC supervisor: Let's put a hold on the tower, please. Come on, guys, stay on point.

Sully: What about over to our right? Anything in New Jersey? Maybe Teterboro?

Patrick: Teterboro tower, I need a runway. Cactus 1549 needs to go to the airport right now. Newark tower, what have you got?

Newark controller: You have runway 2-9 cleared and ready. You need emergency landing?

Patrick: Yes. Okay, yeah. Off your right side is Teterboro airport.


Patrick: Shit.

Sully: This is the Captain. Brace for impact.

Female passenger1: Oh, my God.

Female passenger2: What?

Stewardesses: Brace, brace, brace! Heads down, stay down! Brace, brace, brace! Heads down, stay down!

Patrick: Cactus 1549, turn right 2-8-0. You can land runway one Teterboro.

Sully: We can't make it. We're gonna end up in the Hudson.

Patrick: I'm sorry. Say again, Cactus? Cactus 1549, radar contact lost.

ATC supervisor: KC, come on over here.

Patrick: You also got Newark off your two o'clock in about seven miles. Don't go in the river.

KC: Sir?

ATC supervisor: Plug in.

Patrick: Cactus 1549, if you can, you got runway 2-9 available at Newark. It'll be two o'clock in seven miles. (SOFTLY) Come on. Please, God.

ATC supervisor: I'm sorry, Patrick.

Patrick: He's inbound to Newark, I know it. He just went off the box to focus. Patty. He'll come back up. He's heading to Teterboro. We need other eyes and ears. Attention, all aircraft in the vicinity of the GW.

Pilot: When we come up around this bend up here, we'll see the USS Intrepid.

Patrick: We got an A320 on emergency descent. Cactus 1549 is low level above the Hudson.

Pilot: This is helicopter 1-6-7, Mike Tango. I've got eyes on him.

Patrick: Okay. I got a chopper with visuals. I'm staying on this. He's out there. He's headed to Newark, seven miles. It's only seven miles. Cactus 1549, this is departure control. On guard, do you read?

Pilot: He's going down.

Patrick: Cactus 1549, do you read me?

Pilot: Shit! He's going down! He's gonna hit the water.

ATC supervisor: KC, take his seat.

KC: Sure.

ATC supervisor: Tester's gonna come down. Breathalyzer, urine samples, it's standard.

Patrick: His voice was so calm. When he said the Hudson, I didn't believe it. This isn't happening. People don't survive water landings, Henry.


Automated voice: Pull up. Pull up.

Sully: We're gonna brace.

Automated voice: Pull up! Pull up! Thirty. Twenty. Ten.

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