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The Week: Jan 28, 2011

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Music and the workplace

The media this week reports that China is now the home of the highest-grossing stores in the world for US-based Apple Inc. Apple iPods and iPads are becoming a common sight at workplaces around the country. So are lots of other varieties of MP3 players. But is listening to an MP3 player at the office good or bad for workers? Some studies say listening to music while you work makes you more productive. Other studies say listening to music at work prevents you from paying attention. The Week investigates …

Happy Australia Day!

Australians were out in force on Wednesday to celebrate Australia Day, even right here in China. Every Jan 26, there is “drinking and merriment” around the world to celebrate what’s also called Aussie Day. There were plenty of Australians celebrating this week at Ned’s, a friendly little Australian bar in the heart of Beijing. The Week joins in the fun …

Happy Chinese New Year!

In China, people are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and that means lots and lots of fireworks. It’s not just China that celebrates Feb 2, Chinese New Year’s Eve. There will be fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year in the United States, Canada, Brazil, England, Singapore and Australia. Here to tell us about how to be safe when you celebrate with fireworks is our senior global expert on fireworks, Chris Clark.

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The Week: Jan 28, 2011

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The Week: Jan 28, 2011

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