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Leap Year《败犬求婚日》精讲之五

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Declan: I kind of hate weddings.

Anna: Why? Because people are in love? That's so offensive to you?

Declan: Yeah.

Anna: You know, you have all of these random opinions and a bad attitude. What do you know? You're clearly not married, and you have obviously never been engaged.

Declan: Actually, I have. Once.

Bride: I don't want to interrupt a good party, but I want to say thank you to my husband. I want to say, may you never steal, lie or cheat. But if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows. And if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life. And if you must cheat, then please cheat death, because I couldn't live a day without you. Cheers!

Anna: Are you all right?

Declan: Grand. You know, it's just hot in there.

Anna: Do you want to talk about it?

Declan: Listen, Bob. You're not in America now. You're in Ireland. So, have a drink. Shut up.

Anna: I was just trying to help.

Declan: Help?

Anna: Yeah.

Declan: That's hilarious. The woman who's so desperate, she's diddly-eying her way to Dublin, making the most important decision of her life based on some ridiculous tradition, which, frankly, is a load of old poo. So, thank you, but it's not I who needs the help, okay?

Anna: It is not a load of poo. It's romantic. It's really, really romantic.

(Band playing upbeat song)

Declan: I'm not good at weddings.

Anna: They're better with a couple martinis.

Man from the band: Okay, thank you very much! We're going to do a special request now for the bridesmaids.

Leap Year《败犬求婚日》精讲之五

Declan: Want a go?

Anna: No. No, I don't...I don't Riverdance.

Declan: Do you never let your hair down, woman?

Anna: Yes. In my way, I do.

Declan: Good. (Band playing) Now, this is an easy one. You'll pick it up. Just follow them. We're going in a circle going that way.

(Stomping rhythmically)

(Band singing)


Anna: No, no, put me down!


(All gasp)


Anna: I'm really sorry. I was spinning.

Bride: Forget about it. At least it wasn't my husband.

Anna: Yeah. Right. At least it wasn't him.

(All gasping)

Anna: I'm...

Declan: I thought I was bad at weddings.


(Declan clears throat)

Anna: Aren't you supposed to be taking me to Dublin?

Declan: Well, just tell me when. As ever, your servant awaits.

Anna: You know what, Declan? Do you know what you are?

Declan: Mmm-hmm.

Anna: You're a beast. You're a real beast.

Declan: Hmm.

Anna: And I cannot stand you.

Declan: Really?

Anna: Mmm-hmm. But you know what? I'm onto you.

Declan: Is that right?

Anna: (Stuttering) All your beastishness is like...It's an act. It's a great, big, massive cover-up. And you growl and you snap, but you are in...You're in pain. And you've got a...(Chuckles) You've got a big thorn in your beasty paw. Like a lion. A lovely, lovely lion. (Vomiting)

Declan: Great.

Anna: I'm sorry.

Declan: That's romantic. Up you come. Up! God, you're a lump.

Anna: My suitcase!

Declan: Don't worry about Louis. I'll get him.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. random: 任意的;未经事先考虑的。

2. hilarious: 极其滑稽的。

3. martini: 马提尼酒。

4. Want a go?: 想尝试一下吗?go在这里的意思是“(做某事的)尝试,一番努力”。have a go at something/at doing something意思是“尝试,试图(做某事)”。看一下例子:He wants to have a go at the heavy box.(他想试着把这个沉重的箱子抬起来。)

5. Riverdance: 大河舞。爱尔兰舞蹈。

6. let one's hair down: 放松,不拘礼节。看一下例子:Let your hair down and enjoy yourself at the party.(在晚会上别拘束,尽情享受一下。)

7. I'm onto you: 我看清你了。onto在这里的意思是“对……熟悉,对……了解;对……有经验”。例如:You'll be onto him, sooner or later.(你迟早会识透他这个人的。)

8. cover-up: 掩饰;掩盖;掩饰手段。The report was nothing but a cover-up.(这份报告只是一味的隐藏事实。)

9. growl: 咆哮。

10. snap: 厉声说话。

11. you're a lump: 你可真够重的。lump在这里的意思是“笨重的人”。



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