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The King's Speech《国王的演讲》精讲之一

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Bertie's wife: Hello. Is anyone there?

Lionel: I'm just in the loo. Hello Mrs Johnson, there you are. Sorry I don't have receptionist.I like to keep things simple. "Poor and content is rich and rich enough".

Bertie's wife: Sorry?

Lionel: Shakespeare. How are you?

Bertie's wife: How do you do?

Lionel: Ahh, traveling alone. Now, this is slightly awkward. But I'm afraid you're late.

Bertie's wife: Yes, I'm afraid I am.

Lionel: Where's Mr Johnson?

Bertie's wife: He doesn't know I'm here.

Lionel: That's not a very promising start.

Bertie's wife: No. My husband has seen everyone to no avail. He's given up hope.

Lionel: He hasn't seen me.

Bertie's wife: You're awfully sure of yourself.

Lionel: I'm sure of anyone who wants to be cured.

Bertie's wife: Of course he wants to be cured. My husband is required to speak publicly.

Lionel: Perhaps he should change jobs.

Bertie's wife: He can't.

Lionel: Indentured servitude?

Bertie's wife: Something of that nature. Yes

Lionel: Well we need to have your hubby pop by... Tuesday would be good... He can give me his personal details and I'll make a frank appraisal. And then we can take it from there

Bertie's wife: Doctor, forgive me. I do not have a “hubby”. We don't ‘pop'. And nor do we never talk about our private lives. You must come to us.

Lionel: Sorry, Mrs J, my game, my turf, my rules. You'll have to talk over with your husband. And then you can speak to me on the telephone. Thank you very much for dropping by. Good afternoon.

Bertie's wife: And what if my husband were the Duke of York?

Lionel: The Duke of York?

Bertie's wife: Yes the Duke of York.

Lionel: I thought the appointment was for “Johnson”? Forgive me, your Royal...?

Bertie's wife: Highness.

Lionel: Your Royal Highness.

Bertie's wife: Johnson was used during the Great War when the Navy didn't want the enemy to know ‘he' was aboard.

Lionel: Am I considered the enemy?

Bertie's wife: You will be if you remain un-obliging. You'll appreciate the need for absolutely discretion.

Lionel: Of course. How did you find me? Your Royal Highness.

Bertie's wife: The President of the Society for Speech Therapists.

Lionel: Eileen McCleod? She's a sport.

Bertie's wife: She warned me your antipodean methods were "unorthodox and controversial". I warned her...they were not my favorite words.

Lionel: I can cure your husband. But for my method to work, I need trust and total equality here in the safety of my consultation room. No exceptions.

Bertie's wife: Well then, in that case... When can you start?

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. Poor and content is rich and rich enough: 人能安贫即是福

2. to no avail: 没有什么效果,不成功,也可以说成of little avail或者without avail。

3. indentured servitude: 契约缠身的苦差事。Indentured指的是“受契约束缚,必须为人干活的”, servitude则指“奴役(状况),任人差遣(的状况)”。

4.my game, my turf, my rules: 用现在流行的话来说,就是“我的地盘我做主”。

5. drop by: 顺便拜访。

例如:My friend Mike stopped by and had dinner with us last night.(昨晚我的朋友迈克顺便来访并留下来吃了晚饭。)

6.unobliging: 不近人情的。Obliging则表示“乐于助人的,热情的”。

例如:The obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave.(这位有礼貌的侍者并不急着催促我们离开。)

7. be a sport: 口语,(尤指在困境中)开朗大度,讲交情。也可以说be a good sport。

8. antipodean: (常作幽默)澳大利亚和新西兰,澳新。 antipodean day则是指“过日界线的日期”。

9. unorthodox and controversial: 这里可以译为“旁门左道,很有争议”。



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