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The Week April 22, 2011

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Kung fu stewardesses

The big news this week is that Hong Kong Airlines is teaching kung fu to its cabin crews. The airline reports that one stewardess made good use of her new skills and new muscles during a recent Beijing-to-Hong Kong flight, when she had to come to the aid of a much larger man. Unfortunately, even kung fu doesn’t seem to work when it comes to those overstuffed overhead airplane bins.

Springtime in China

It’s April. Spring is here. Leaves turn green, flowers blossom and the days turn warm and sunny. Of course, our mothers tell us that getting too much sun exposure can make us go from this to this. So young women find shade under parasols, as they take idyllic strolls around parks and city streets with attentive young men in love. Of course, all that idyllic strolling under umbrellas sometimes can spell disaster...

The love professor

Speaking of spring, and love, Beijing newspapers this week report that the city’s education bureau is putting together a new course for college students. The classes reportedly will be all about the art of love: defining love, finding love, maintaining love. But suppose the new love professor just happens to be someone whose girlfriend just left him. What kind of advice could he offer? The Week investigates …

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The Week April 22, 2011

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The Week April 22, 2011

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