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The Week June 10, 2011

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Cabbage patch fashion

You thought cabbage was just for soup? China Daily reports that cabbage is also art and fashion in the hands of Ju Duoqi. The Chinese artist is a big hit on the Internet this week with a project she calls "The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage." Plus, if you decide to copy Ju's portrait of a hat, you can have your cabbage and eat it, too.

Tiger town

A giant Siberian tiger was on the loose in Chengdu this month. Actually, it was a man in a tiger suit who pretended to be a tiger escaping from the Chengdu Zoo. It was part of a training exercise for zoo workers in case a tiger ever did escape. Maybe passersby would have acted more frightened if the tiger suit wasn't so, well, cute!

Rose-colored glasses

There was more big news on the Internet this week. What do you do with roosters who keep fighting? A Chinese farmer fitted his roosters with special red goggles so they would stop fighting. And they did stop fighting. Can those rose-colored glasses stop people from fighting, too? The Week investigates...

Li Na was here... and there... and here

When Li Na this month became the first Chinese tennis player to win at the French Open, it seemed like all of Asia was suddenly walking on sunshine. Cities and provinces around China were eager to call themselves her hometown. Hubei province, where she was born, celebrated. And so did Hunan province, where some of her relatives live. People are eager to boast that Li Na was here, or there, even here in Beijing...

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The Week June 10, 2011

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The Week June 10, 2011

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