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The Week Aug 12, 2011

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Chopstick pickpockets

Media in Shanghai are reporting the case of the chopstick pickpockets. These thieves were caught on video tape using chopsticks to reach into pockets and take cell phones and money. The Week has discovered a chopstick pickpocket right here at our office …

Staying cool

Staying cool in August is getting harder, considering record temperatures in many parts of the world. Maybe we should take our cue from the animals. Squirrels apparently like ice cream. Here in China, pandas can play in the snow, thanks to an artificial ice machine at a zoo in Guangzhou.

How we wish we spent our summer

Summer's almost over. For some people, it's time to start bragging about what they did during their summer vacation. But for those of us who had to work, it's all about what we wish we did. At the Week, here’s what some of us wish we had done this summer …

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The Week Aug 12, 2011

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The Week Aug 12, 2011

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