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Source Code《源代码》精讲之一

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Source Code《源代码》精讲之一

Christina: I took your advice, it was good advice, thank you. You look pale, everything ok? Shawn, Shawn! Hey. Anyway listen, I wanted to tell you, the only reason why I canceled. He calls three times a day. I hear more from him now, than I did when we were together. What is it with guys? I gave notice.

Captain Stevens: Notice?

Conductor: May I see your ticket?

Captain Stevens: I ehh...

Christina: Hey. Hey. You are acting really strange this morning, are you ok?

Black man: Are we gonna make up the 10 minutes?

Conductor: We gonna try, Sir.

Max Denoff: Hey, grandpa, what the heck was the delay back there?

Conductor: I just purge the tickets, Sir.

Max Denoff: I'd punch your face.

Christina: Shawn, did I do something?

Captain Stevens: Look, I can see, that you think you know me but I don't know who you are. My name is Captain Colter Stevens. I fly Helicopters for the US-Army in Afghanistan.

Christina: Shawn, that's....

Captain Stevens: Shawn? I feel sick.

Kid: Damn it!

Captain Stevens: Oh, I am sorry! Right, let me help you with that.

Kid: No, it's ok.

Student: Hey Mister... Hey! You dropped this!

Derek Frost: Thanks!

Student: Appreciate it.

Captain Stevens: What is that?

Student: Chicago.

Broadcasting: All on board, doors are closing. This is a Chicago-down train.

Christina: You ok there, captain?

Captain Stevens: Did you see that?

Christina: You kinda freak me out.

Captain Stevens: No... No, no, no, no, no.

Identity card: Sean Fentress. Teacher.

Christina: Are you all right?

Captain Stevens: I don't know what's going on.

Christina: Talk to me Shawn!

Captain Stevens: I don't know who Shawn is, and I don't know who you are!

Christina: Ok we can get off at the next stop and forget whatever is going on here, ok?

Captain Stevens: This doesn't belong to me.

Christina: Look at me, everything is gonna be ok!


Goodwin: Captain Colter Stevens, this is beleaguered castle. Captain Colter Stevens, this is beleaguered Castle. Acknowledge transmission! Captain Stevens, do you copy?

Captain Stevens: Where am I?

Goodwin: You are with "Beleaguered Castle". Are you functional?

Captain Stevens: I am dizzy. Did I ... Did I just a-lock?

Goodwin: Adjusting your orientation. Can you report it this time?

Captain Stevens: What is this? What is this? Where....who am I talking to?

Source Code《源代码》精讲之一

Goodwin: Captain, report what you saw.

Captain Stevens: I don't understand it.

Goodwin: Where were you, before you were talking to me?

Captain Stevens: There was an explosion.

Goodwin: Coming from where? Some confusion is perfectly normal at this stage, Captain. Do you have a visual signal?

Captain Stevens: Who are you?

Goodwin: You already have that information captain.

Captain Stevens: I do?

Goodwin: Recall my name. We'll rebuild the pattern. Try to focus.

Captain Stevens: I...I was on a mission. I was flying and...then I woke up on a train. Now I am here. I need to be briefed. What unit is this?

Goodwin: You're with Beleaguered Castle.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. give notice: (尤指告知对方过一段时间终止协议等的)预先通知;事先声明。请看例子:He gave the owner of the flat his notice.(他通知房东他要搬走。)

2. freak somebody out: 让某人感到极度不安、吓坏某人。

3. beleaguered: 被围困的。

4. do you copy?: 你收到了吗?你听到了吗?

5. recall: 回想。例如:Dick recalls having been in Paris to study music when he was a child.(迪克忆起小时候曾经到巴黎学音乐。)recall还可以表示“召回”或“收回,撤销,取消”。例如:recall a gift(收回礼物)。

6. brief: (尤指事前)向……介绍基本情况;向……布置简要任务。例如:brief a bombing pilot and his men(向轰炸机驾驶员及机组发布简要指令)。



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