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The Week October 28,2011

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Happy Halloween?

In many places around the world, Oct 31 marks the celebration of a freakishly wonderful holiday. The first step on Halloween is finding a costume. The second step is going out door to door to collect candy from your neighbors. But one dentist in the US is ruining the Halloween sweetness. Craig Callen is offering kids money and a new bike in exchange for uneaten candy. The Week's Clark Cahill shows us the best part of Halloween.

Beardy a grow-grow

Halloween isn't the only festive celebration at this time of year. On Nov 1, men around the world will begin the month-long celebration of No Shave November. The razor blades will go into the drawers and gather dust for four weeks as men begin a celebration of manhood. Mothers, wives, fiancées and girlfriends, beware!

This wacky world…

Two Chinese students have developed robots that play ping-pong against humans. They should stop before we have robots competing in the Olympics.

A woman in the Us has decided to deliver her baby at an art gallery and call it performance art. What's worse, she's also planning to raise the child in a public display.

A man in the US was caught on video stealing an iPhone from a six-year-old boy. Somewhere Steve Jobs is shaking his head in disappointment.

And a man in Ireland will serve three months in jail after trying to turn his poop into gold. He put the poop on an electric burner and set the house on fire. Is he a drug user? I think so.

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