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Contest inspires Chinese new media

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The results of the first "New Media New Future" competition were unveiled in Beijing on November 6.

Huang Qi, an English broadcasting and anchoring major from Beijing-based Communication University of China, defeated 29 other finalists to win the laureate.

The top three finishers won the chance to study new media at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) or the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

To enter the competition, more than 2,000 students registered to take an online test launched on August 22.

The hosts, China Daily Website and the International Youth Exchange program, chose thirty finalists to compete in the grand final in Beijing on Nov 6.

The final contest consists of four parts: English speech, new media product designing and video-based question answering. The students will also compete in a Jeopardy-style question-and-answer contest with tough questions drawn from a variety of subject areas. The toughest part of the competition may be designing a new-media product.

Among the judges were DJ Clark, director of visual journalism at the Asia Center for Journalism in Manila; Brian Anthony Salter, broadcaster and editor at China Daily; Raymond Li, head of BBC Chinese; Lu Shengzhang, PhD director at the Communication University of China; Thomas Hilleary, a guest judge from EducationUSA China; and Yang Chunya, managing editor-in-chief of China Daily website.

The final round of the competition was broadcast on CNLive mobile TV and on the Internet.

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