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THE WEEK March 16: Naked bike riding

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Nude celebrity photos

Over the past few months, the web has been flooded with stories and photos as a new trend has developed: Hackers are breaking into celebrities'cell phones and posting their most personal (and often naked) pictures online for everyone to see. Naked photos from the phones of actress Scarlet Johansson, pop sensation Rihanna, Glee star Heather Morris and many others have been posted online and gone viral. You can imagine that I was totally shocked when I found out my phone had been hacked, and pictures of me were leaked.

Bikini parade world record

Spring breakers broke the world record for the largest ever bikini parade. This week, 450 bikini-clad women marched on Panama City Beach in the United States, breaking the world record of 350, which was previously set in Australia.

Naked bike riding

In other naked news, bicyclists in Lima, the capital city of Peru, took to the streets without wearing clothes in a campaign to improve road safety. This is just more evidence that any social campaign can achieve some level of success if the participants are nude. This story reminds me of those people in Beijing who were running nearly naked last week.

Let's consult Clark

Madness erupted at a basketball game in China. The home crown in Shanxi was none too pleased when it seemed the visiting Beijing Ducks may take the victory. Their response? Throw garbage on the court and attack the Ducks'bus. For more memorable crazed fan moments, we turn to Clark Cahill.

This wacky world!

Four young men were arrested in New York after they drunkenly drove their horse-drawn buggy into a police car. Who was drunk, the men or the horse?

A doctor in Michigan, US, found an unlikely cure for a rare but serious condition that causes unstoppable nosebleeds: Shove bacon in your nostrils. He put pork in a girl's nostrils and it actually stopped the bleeding. For real.

After a robbery attempt a sex shop in the US, the store's clerk convinced the teenage criminal to apply for a job at the store instead of stealing the money. The boy agreed, filled out an application with his real name, and was later arrested for his crime. Talk about screwing yourself.