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THE WEEK March 23: Pop culture

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Filmmaker goes crazy!

By now, you may have heard of a charity called Invisible Children that released a documentary about a man named Joseph Kony. Kony is in charge of a group in Uganda that allegedly kidnaps children and turns them into killers and sex slaves. The film went viral and caused hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people to donate and campaign for the cause. But now, the charity's co-founder has another video going viral.

Making history

The History Channel is a television station in the United States that usually features in-depth, highly researched documentaries about, well, history. Just like the Discovery Channel, the History Channel is highly respected for its programming. But this show seems a little bit off.

Quit your job

An executive at the investment firm Goldman Sachs resigned last week and then wrote a column in the New York Times to explain exactly why. You may have heard about Goldman Sachs when talking about America's financial crisis, so we don't blame the guy for quitting. But is there any better (or worse) way to quit your job?

Rock out with Rakhee!

Beyonce was recently spotted with her hubby Jay-Z at a fundraising event hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama. She wore an incredibly slim-fitting dress despite giving birth just two months ago. Suspicious? And just for the record, Jay-Z could have chosen a nicer outfit to wear to such a formal event. Come on, Jay. A jean jacket?

Disney's new film John Carter is being called one of Hollywood's biggest flops. The plot line may clue us in as to why. The movie has lost $200 million so far, but was it really all a waste? It's hard not to stare at those sexy advertisements featuring a half-naked Taylor Kitsch.

This wacky world!

At a literary discussion in the United States, two men began arguing about books and authors. The battle heated up enough that the men ended up in a fist fight, which sent one of them to the hospital. Nerd fight!

Nokia has reportedly filed paperwork to patent a new type of tattoo. When your phone rings, the tattoo will tingle, vibrate, or possibly itch. If Nokia is trying to keep up with the degree of innovation we see from Apple, it should stop. This tattoo could be the worst idea ever.

A high school student in the US took to Twitter to accomplish a remarkable feat. Over the course of a few days, Mike Stone tweeted at hundreds of porn stars, and one has finally agreed to go as his date to the prom. But she's making him by the plane ticket. UPDATE: School officials have banned the woman from attending.