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The Week Aug 17,2012

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Best Olympian ever?

The Olympics are now over, and what a great competition it was. There are so many heroes to look up to. But after watching a number of events, my friend, Tom McCabe, introduced me to my new favorite Olympian of all time: Ivan Ukhov. Here are some of his greatest (actually worst) moments.

Olympic commentators are mean

When you're on a big stage, like the Olympics, it's likely that you'll get criticized. But what blows my mind is that some of the Olympic broadcasters think they have the right to insult Olympic athletes'performances. What makes a guy with a nice voice think that he is in a place to insult one of the world's best athletes? (Video "Olympic Commentators are Dicks" is from Jest.com)

New Olympic sport?

The Olympics are full of unbelievable performances. But in this video, a man from Poland gives a performance that will blow your mind - and makes a serious case for a new Olympic event.

This wacky world!

A man in the US stole a bag of marijuana from a police station. Cops had taken the bag as evidence in an earlier crime, but the man said he could resist and the bud smelled so good. Oh, the stupidity of stoners.

Two men in a Brazilian prison attempted to escape by disguising themselves as piles of trash. Their efforts were ruined when a security guard noticed the trash bags moving and breathing.

A kangaroo escaped from a German zoo this week with the help of a fox and a wild boar. Two of the three animals have been found and returned to the zoo, but the other is still on the loose.

A man is being accused of trespassing and sexual crimes after he was caught spying on Chinese Olympic swimmers at their training facility in Leeds. When confronted, the man hid in a bathroom stall and spoke in a woman's voice to trick investigators.

The best viral video this week features a dog which has mastered the sport of parkour.