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英国窃听门升级 传阵亡军眷也遭窃听
Phone hacking: families of war dead 'targeted' by News of the World

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英国窃听门升级 传阵亡军眷也遭窃听

英国窃听门升级 传阵亡军眷也遭窃听

The bereaved relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan may have had their phones hacked.

The bereaved relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan may have had their phones hacked by a private investigator working for the News of the World.

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that the personal details of the families of servicemen who died on the front line have been found in the files of Glenn Mulcaire, the private detective working for the Sunday tabloid.

The disclosure that grieving relatives of war dead were targets for the newspaper prompted anger among military charities, who said it was a “disgusting and indefensible assault on privacy”.

The Metropolitan Police is facing growing calls from the families of murder victims, those killed in terrorist attacks and those who died in natural disasters, such as the Indonesian tsunami, to disclose if they were targets.

Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the News of the World and now chief executive of News International, its parent company, faced calls from Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, to step down.

Yesterday The Daily Telegraph disclosed that families of victims of the July 7 bombings were targets for Mulcaire in the days after the atrocity in 2005.

Last night it emerged that among the 7/7 victims who may have had their phones hacked was Paul Dadge, who appeared in one of the most memorable images of the London bombings as he helped Davinia Turrell with a bandaged face at Edgware Road Tube station.

Mr Dadge said he thought his phone may have been hacked because Mrs Turrell would not speak to journalists. “The girl in the photo, Davinia Turrell, because she wasn’t talking to the press, they tried to get at her through me,” he said.

He is one of six relations and victims of the attacks who allegedly had their phones hacked. Graham Foulkes, whose son David was killed in the Edgware Road bomb and Sean Cassidy, whose 22-year-old son Ciaran was killed in the King’s Cross blast, have also been contacted by Scotland Yard. Yesterday other victims said to have been hacked by the newspaper were named by MPs in Parliament.

Chris Bryant, a Labour front bencher, named Danielle Jones, a 15-year-old murdered by her uncle in June 2001, as a potential victim. He also suggested that the phones of individuals linked to the cases of Madeleine McCann, Sarah Payne, and Scotland Yard detectives who worked on the first investigation into phone hacking had been targeted.

Last night soldiers’ charities demanded that the police release the names contained in Mulcaire’s 9,200 pages of records so they can discover whether they were targets.

A spokesman for the Army Families Federation added: “Families who have endured the loss of their soldier will find this privacy assault disgusting and indefensible, as will all serving personnel who will question the sanctity of their precious phone calls home.”

The disclosure that the News of the World phone hacking involved victims of crime began earlier this week with the revelation that Milly Dowler’s mobile phone voicemails had been intercepted in the days following her disappearance.




FBI拖欠电话费 窃听电路被切


英国窃听门升级 传阵亡军眷也遭窃听

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