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New College Oxford wants trademark protection for name

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最近,一家名为“人文新学院”(New College of the Humanities)的学校在伦敦成立,并向英国知识产权局(Intellectual Property Office)申请注册商标。为了避免在名称上的混淆,保护学院专有名称和品牌,牛津大学新学院也向知识产权局申请注册商标。虽然被称为新学院,但是牛津大学的新学院(New College)却一点也不新,学院在1379年建立,到现在已经有632年历史。知识产权局表示,很快就会对新学院的注册商标做出决定。但是据信,如果人文新学院的注册商标申请案进入公众咨询阶段,牛津新学院将会提出反对。对此,私立的人文新学院大呼不公,并反驳两所学院名称有混淆的可能。



Oxford University has already trademarked itself for underwear, hair lotion and Christmas trees

New College, Oxford is trying to trademark its name - ahead of a similar registration bid by the newly created, private New College of the Humanities.

The 632-year-old Oxford institution has submitted its bid to protect its brand to the Intellectual Property Office.

The New College of the Humanities, launched by philosopher AC Grayling, has also submitted its own bid to trademark its name.

The Intellectual Property Office says a decision on the Oxford bid is imminent.

But if the New College of the Humanities trademark bid reaches the public consultation stage, it is believed that New College, Oxford is considering opposing the registering of the name.

The New College of the Humanities (NCH), which plans to admit students in London, rejected any suggestion of confusion between the two institutions.

"We are talking to New College, Oxford, but we don't think there is any confusion between New College of the Humanities and New College, Oxford, given their great heritage and NCH's distinct positioning around humanities and social sciences," said a spokeswoman.

Brand labels

The application from New College, Oxford is for protection of its full name - as the term "New College" is too broad to register separately. There are already several other "New Colleges" - such as New College, Swindon and New College, Nottingham.

Among the issues which will have to be considered by the Intellectual Property Office will be whether the New College of the Humanities, as a brand name, is sufficiently specific without its name including any location.

The New College, Oxford trademark application covers a wide range of uses.

As well as education services and published materials, the name would be protected for use on products including cufflinks, tankards, waste bins and umbrellas.

The Intellectual Property Office says that a decision on whether to accept the trademark application is imminent.

If successful, it would join a range of other universities which have already protected their brand names and logos.

Oxford University has already trademarked itself, in a form so comprehensive that it covers its use for underwear, hair lotions, bleaching preparations, fat removing agents and Christmas trees.

The trademarking for University College London makes sure that no-one can misuse its name in areas including preparations for destroying vermin, massage apparatus and clothing for animals.

The New College of the Humanities is a private institution being set up in London which will charge up to £18,000 per year in tuition fees.

It has already faced questions about how it is described - as it does not have official university or university college status. The website describes itself as offering a "university-level education".

Students at the college will be prepared for University of London degrees.

The high level of fees, announced at a time of protests over tuition fees, made the college and its founders a target for anti-cuts protesters.

A flare was released by protesters during a talk by Professor Grayling at a London bookshop.


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