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Talk the walk

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Talk the walk

Reader's question:

Talk the Walk Brazil, which just won the 2016 Olympics, wants to be a global power. So why won't it act like one? Could you explain “talk the walk”?

My comments:

Professional boxers are often seen to promote their upcoming fights by talking big, that is, by bragging about their own chances of winning and belittling opponents. That’s called “talk the talk”. Then they step into the ring to fight. That’s when they have to “walk the walk” - walk referring to the way boxers dance around in the ring.

If they fail to win the bout, they’re said to have failed to “walk the walk”.

Hence, people often ask those who talk a lot: “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

In the above example, the author simply asks Brazil to act upon its promises to be a global power.

In other words, do not talk - do something!

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