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The Influence of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication refers to the activities of face-to-face information and em otion communication among people. However, with the development of science and techno logy, the communication forms have becoming increasingly diversified, digitalized and publ ic-oriented in the last decade.

The wide spread of internet access and the use of QQ, MSN, E-mail, blog, micro bl og and some other emerging network communication platforms have exerted fundamental i nfluence on interpersonal communication. These network platforms are capable of helping people get information more quickly and accurately, and they can also broaden people’s in terpersonal circle. However, as everyone knows, everything has two sides. There are also negative points in these new types of interpersonal communication. For example, people m ay write blogs about their classmates or workmates around them, and these stories may be spread, thus influencing the relationships between people in reality. What’s more, if peopl e spend too much time and effort on blog writing, they may have no chance and spirit to have face-to-face communications. Consequently, their ability to deal with people in life may decrease.

For me, though emerging network communication platforms can benefit us, they are o nly some ways of communication and will never take the place of face-to-face communica tion. Therefore, we should never neglect the effect of face-to-face contact in real life.


1. To cut students’ expenses.

2. college facilities could be put to more effective use.

3. suppresses creative thinking

4. Its students have to earn more credits each year.

5. It has been running for several decades.

6. More students have Advanced Placement credits.

7. Students don’t have much time to roam intellectually.

8. the core curriculum

9. stay competitive and relevant

10. bright, motivated students


11. A) The injury will confine Anna to bed for quite a while.

12. C) She can get a ballet ticket for the man.

13. A) He has to do other repairs first.

14. C) Give his contribution some time later.

15. D) Tell Tony’s mother that she eats no meat.

16. B) The coverage of newspapers.

17. C) Limit the number of participants in the conference.

18  A) The apartment is still available.

19. D) to see if dolphins can communicate with each other.

20. A) Press the right-hand lever first.

21. C) Only one dolphin was able to see the light

22. B) In a resort town.

23. D) It is an ideal place for people to retire to.

24. D) It is protected as parkland by a special law.

25. C) The beautiful flowers.

26. C. He specialized in interpersonal relationship.

27. D. Black freshman with high standardized scores.

28. C. They broke up more often than same-race roommates.

29, C. The racial attitudes improved.

30, A. It will help solve the global food crisis.

31. D. It is still far from being sufficient.

32. D. They are not as natural as we believed.

33. A. He was wrongly imprisoned

34. A. The two victims’ identification

35. B. Many factors influence the accuracy of witness testimony.

36. slight

37. official

38. shrinking

39. plunge

40. decline

41. primary

42. heads

43. Poverty

44. Hampered by higher taxes and weak demand for its exports, Mexico's economy is seen only partially recovering this year.

45. Mexico has historically had high drop-out rates as poor families pull kids out of school to help put food on the table,

46. The nation's drop-out problem is just the latest bad news for the long-term comp etitiveness of the Mexican economy.


47.capturing and storing CO2 或者 capture and storage of CO2

48. capture and storage

49. put it to new use

50. increase their yield of fruits and vegetables

51. the scale of CO2 emissions

52. Its negative effects have long been neglected.

53. Goals with financial rewards have strong motivational power.

54. They resorted to unethical practice to meet their sales quota.

55. Its conclusion is not based on solid scientific evidence.

56. Studying goal-setting can throw more light on successful business practices.

57. Free market plus government intervention.

58. Government regulation hinders economic development.

59. Effective measures adopted by the government.

60. They give up the idea of smaller government and less regulation.

61. Excessive borrowing.


62. notion

63. before

64. on

65. proposed

66. evidence

67. original


69. effort

70. opposed

71. once

72. techniques

73. inside

74. lessons

75. enhance

76. convince

77. trouble

78. diligent

79. process

80. concentrate

81. or


82. worth 80 dollars without a discount

83. Facing the fierce competition from other companies

84. almost have nothing in common

85. have I realized that I cannot succeed with luck merely

86. more species would have been extinct from the earth






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