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The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之三

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精彩对白:"Margaret, will you marry me?" And she said, "Yep." The end. Who's hungry?


1.爱情故事 Love Story

The Proposal《假结婚》精讲之三

Jenny: I mean you should keep at it.

Oliver: Who said I won't?

Jenny: I'm going to study with Nadia Boulanger.

Oliver: Who?

Jenny: Next year. I have a scholarship in Paris.

Oliver: Paris?

Jenny: Yeah, I've never been to Europe. I can hardly wait.

Oliver: How long have you known?

Jenny: Come on, Oliver. It's stupid. Would you please. It's inevitable.

Oliver: What is?

Jenny: That we'll graduate, we'll separate. You'll go to Law School.

Oliver: What are you talking about?

Jenny: You're a millionaire, I'm a social zero.

Oliver: What do you mean? We're together, we're happy.

Jenny: Harvard is like a bag full of toys, but when the holiday is over, you have to go back where you belong.

Oliver: Back to bake cookies?

Jenny: Pastries. Don't make fun of my father.

Oliver: Then don't leave me, Jenny! Please.

Jenny: What about my scholarship and Paris, which I've never seen in my whole god damn life?

Oliver: What about our marriage?

Jenny: Who said anything about marriage?

Oliver: I'm saying it, now.

Jenny: You want to marry me?

Oliver: Yeah.

Jenny: Why?

Oliver: Because...

Jenny: That's a good reason.