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The Week: To the Heroes of Qinghai

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To the Heroes of Qinghai

To the heroes of Qinghai, who rushed to the aid of so many when the deadly earthquake struck this month a remote ethnic Tibetan area of Qinghai province.

Heroes like Shi Xuejun of Weihai, an ordinary man who spent four days riding buses here to do what he could: repair shoes and broken eyeglasses for free. Just as he had volunteered two years ago after China’s deadly Sichuan earthquake.

Heroes like the China Charities Aid Foundation, which brought 15 orphans from Yushu to Beijing to care for them.

Actor Jet Li’s One Foundation brought seven trucks full of water, medicines, tents and other supplies. There was a massive outpouring of millions of dollars from the Chinese government, from Chinese businesses, from over 200 countries around the world, all seeking to help.

Gao Shuyou of Macao was just a tourist who was visiting when the deadly earthquake struck in Qinghai. He and his friend Chen Yunfei stopped being tourists, rolled up their sleeves and began digging with the others for the dead and for survivors.

Sixteen-year-old Kunsang Dekyi is a schoolgirl whose home was destroyed in the rubble. She rescued nine members of her family, including her 4-month-old nephew.

No one knows the names of all the people who rescued this young Tibetan girl.

Wang Ru, a reporter from China Daily, witnessed the work of many heroes. He shares his story:

There are still heroes in Qinghai, helping to look for the missing and helping the survivors.

There are so many stories to share. We invite you to share their names, their stories, in the comments section on this page.

Today, young survivors smile as they pose for pictures in front of cameras.

The 17-year-old girl who received a hug from President Hu Jintao when he visited the devastated area is now in Beijing receiving help for her injured arm.

Children inside the quake zone are back at school in temporary classrooms. And in the midst of all the despair, and ultimately, so many heroes and so much hope, there is new life.

To the heroes of Qinghai.

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The Week: To the Heroes of Qinghai

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The Week: To the Heroes of Qinghai

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