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Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之五

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Frank: He's waking up.

Jake: Hey.

Frank: Looking good. Looking real good.

Jake: You gave us a big scare, buddy.

Remy: The client?

Frank: Look at this guy. Two seconds out of a coma, and he's worried about the pink sheet. You scare me, pal.

Jake: Don't worry, we'll get him.

Remy: Carol?

Jake: She left a while back, buddy.

Remy: I don't remember.

Jake: Faulty shock unit. Frank's got the guys back at the shop looking into that right now.

Remy: Huh? What is it?

Jake: I mean, you know that I will be here, no matter what. I would change your fucking diapers if you needed me to. But we got some business that we got to discuss right now.

Remy: Oh, sure. Look...Jake, he does my work until I get back on my feet.

Frank: You're a very lucky man, you know that? What you're looking at here is the new Jarvik 39 heart module, top of the line.

Remy: No.

Frank: Oh, yes.

Remy: No, no, no.

Frank: Ten billion beat warranty.

Remy: No, no, no.

Frank: Ten billion beat warranty. It's got the no-rust valves...

Remy: Get it out. Get it out, Jake.

Jake: You got hit pretty hard. All you got is scar tissue in there right now.

Remy: I feel fine!

Frank: 'Cause the unit's already doing its work. All you have to do is sign a few papers. They can take out the meat, put in the new forg, sew you up better than new. The warranty alone on this baby...

Remy: Don't you sell me. I'm not a fucking client!

Frank: Of course you're not. You're the best Repo in this whole damn town. But you gotta have a ticker to play the game, am I wrong?

Jake: You got to do what you got to do, buddy. Take care of yourself.

Frank: You owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself. What? What did I say?

Jake: You're an asshole, man.

Hospital staff: Sir? Sir, that's hospital property.

Jake: Buddy? Come on. Let's go back inside, all right?

Frank: Now you're just being childish.

Doctor: Well, that should take care of your pain and help the artiforg assimilate into your body. You got it for three more days, and then it's cold turkey.

Remy: Carol? The lock's broken.

Carol: My key works fine.

Remy: Where are you going? That's a bit extreme, isn't it?

Carol: I told you to make a decision. You made it when you did another job.

Remy: Can I see Peter? Come on, Carol.

Carol: I'm sorry.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. coma: 昏迷。

2. get back on one's feet: 重新站起来,恢复过来。看一下例子:He will get back on his feet in no time.(他很快就能恢复元气。)

3. ticker: <口> 心脏。

4. childish: 孩子气的;幼稚的。看一下例子:Crying for things you can't have is childish.(想要的东西得不到就哭是孩子气的表现。)

5. cold turkey: 突然终止某种已经成瘾的习惯。影片中指的是三天一过,身体就会完全适应人造器官。cold turkey还可以用来形容高傲冷漠的人。例如:Mary is a cold turkey. She looks down upon all her classmates.(玛丽是个冷漠孤高的人,她瞧不起她所有的同学。)



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