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Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之三

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Remy: Peanut. Wake up. You awake? Hi.

Peter: Hi.

Remy: How was school?

Peter: We learned about the Romans.

Remy: Mmm?

Peter: I made the club.

Remy: I can see.

Peter: One for you, too.

Remy: Thanks. Weren't these from medieval times?

Peter: Yeah. Mrs. Begs is making me redo the project.

Remy: Well, if she says redo it, you better redo it.

Peter: I hate the Romans.

Remy: Aw, that's a shame. The Romans were real badass. You know, they used to make people fight with lions.

Peter: Mrs. Begs says they used to burn down all the villagers when they attacked them.

Remy: She's right. Scorched earth. Stones at the enemy. Pretty effective tactic.

Peter: Hey, Dad?

Remy: What?

Peter: Why did the Romans stone people to death?

Remy: 'Cause they didn't have any guns.

Peter: Mmm.

Remy: Go to sleep. Good night.


Jake: I don't want to stifle you, but, you know, you might wanna turn them over just a little bit more.

Remy: Well, if people ate them as quickly as I'm cooking them, they wouldn't burn, would they?

Jake: All right. Hey, hey. Hot dogs! Charbroiled.

People: Save me one of those, all right? Kind of crispy.

Jake: Yeah? No, this is not a good time, I'm not at home. What do you want?

Carol: Nobody eats the salad.

Remy: No one ever eats beetroot salad. I told you not to waste your money on it.

Jake: Okay, I'll call you back. Bye. I need to... I need to borrow your grill master for a minute. Give me your apron.

Remy: What?

Jake: I got a mobile coming here right now. You want some of this?

Remy: To my house? Fuck, no.

Jake: The guy's six months overdue.

Remy: No.

Jake: It's a double commission. I'll give you half. Half.

Man: I'm paying you for a full ride. I just want to get to the Fairmont downtown.

Driver: Don't worry. You'll be done in a minute.

Remy: Two minutes. Tops.

Jake: Two minutes, tops.

Remy: Yeah.

Jake: Where's the case?

Remy: Front closet.

Jake: You're a saint.

Remy: I know. He's gone to get more meat.

Man: Who's that guy? Who's that guy?

Driver: Relax, fellow. He's a friend of mine.

Man: He's a friend of yours? Hey, come on, man. Come on, let me out of here! Open the door! Come on, man!

Driver: Thanks a lot, man.

Remy: Where are you going?

Carol: Getting a jacket.

Remy: I'll get you a...Carol! Hey. I could have gotten you a coat, for goodness' sake.

Carol: What the fuck do you think you're doing?

Jake: I'm stepping away, right now.

Carol: Get this out of here!

Jake: No, no. He's gone. He's out of here.

Remy: Love, come on. It's just a kidney.

Jake: He's got another one. He's fine.

Remy: Jake?

Jake: He's fine.

Remy: Jake. Peter, turn off the phone!

Carol: Give me that.

Remy: Where are you going? Where are you going? Oh, come on, not this. Let's talk about it, huh? Slow down, let's talk about it.

Carol: Make a decision.

Jake: I went as fast as I could, man.

Remy: Yeah, I know you did. I'll have to have that talk with Frank.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. medieval times: 中世纪时代。

2. badass: 坏蛋。

3. burn down: 把……烧成平地,烧光。

4. scorch: 烤焦(物体表面)。例如:The iron scorched the tablecloth.(熨斗烫焦了桌布。)

5. stone: 向……扔石块;用石头砸。

6. stifle: 阻止,制止。看一下例子:Shortages of basic materials stifled economic growth.(基本原料的匮乏抑制了经济发展。)stifle还有“使窒息”的意思,例如:She was stifled with the smoke in the room.(屋子里的烟使她透不过气来。)

7. charbroiled: 炭烤的。

8. crispy: 脆的;酥脆的。

9. beetroot: 甜菜;甜菜根。影片中雷米的器官回收员同事们个个都吃热狗,没有人要吃蔬菜沙拉。这种肉食习惯和他们所做的血腥的工作让人联想起野兽。

10. commission: 佣金。



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