Turning a problem on its head

2006-12-22 16:45

When you turn something on its head, you twist it, turn it sideways or upside-down.

The fifth element

2006-12-18 11:25

I want to know how it is like and what it takes to be a columnist. Can you shed some light on this?

Argus, Io, Hera, Zeus and Hermes

2006-12-15 10:20

In Chinese legend, we have heavenly people who have "eyes that penetrate a thousand miles" and can detect what you and I can't see, or "ears that ride the wind" and can hear what the Greeks are saying from across the seas.

Don't worry, look 'em up

2006-12-11 11:25

Suppose I'm reading an article and in it I find ten new words. What do I do? Do I look 'em up or do I ignore them? ...

Neither here nor there?

2006-12-08 11:21

Neither here nor there - simple and familiar words they are, so familiar that we sometimes ignore them.

Cutthroat, breakneck

2006-12-04 14:02

Whenever I have time, I like to answer questions from readers in the form of a dialogue, in detail.

Double take on success

2006-12-01 14:46

Readers who write to me often share these traits. One, their English is good. Two, they are successful. Three, they have problems. Is there a link?

Home record, road record

2006-11-27 14:54

I'm a Yao Ming fan. Actually I like Tim Duncan best but I have to say in public that I'm a Yao Ming fan. I'm from Shanghai, you see, Yao's home city.

Double jeopardy

2006-11-24 14:08

A case in point is today's discussion of the legal term double jeopardy, using OJ Simpson as an example.

Amoral, moral, immoral

2006-11-20 15:05

This story and, in particular, the photographer's moral reflections reminded me of a question from a reader who inquired some time before whether word 'amoral' is the same as 'immoral'.

Foil or film?

2006-11-17 14:19

Today's column is inspired by a question from a friend who makes part of his living from doing translations - usually Chinese to English.

Parents under scrutiny

2006-11-13 14:56

Today I find this sentence confusing. This sentence, I think, is wrong. What is your opinion?



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