England a set-piece team, win or lose

2006-06-22 16:23

Much of the media attention will be on the England captain David Beckham, with (England Coach Sven-Goran) Eriksson claiming his skipper will prove at this World Cup he is the world's best set-piece specialist.

Grey area - where to draw the lines?

2006-06-19 16:19

Reader question: In this sentence - There's a grey area around the personal use of office facilities and stationery - what does "grey area" mean?

Trans fat, KFC plus a journalistic point to make

2006-06-15 16:05

'A U.S. consumer group sued the operator of the KFC fried chicken restaurant chain on Tuesday to try and force it to stop it from frying foods in an artery-clogging fat.

Scenarios: Best case, worst case

2006-06-12 16:28

In this headline - "Iraq has descended into chaos way beyond West's worst-case scenario" - what does worst-case scenario mean?

Confucius and postmodernism

2006-06-08 15:36

Confucius Say: He who run in front of car get tired. He who run behind car get exhausted.

Love All

2006-06-05 16:46

English writer and actor Stephen Fry, in his novel The Hippopotamus, ridicules men's sexual tastes using a tennis analogy.

If purists had their druthers

2006-06-01 16:20

Another question from a basketball fan:
"I found in the following passage (in brackets) 'hoop purists'. Who and what are they?..."

Everything and then some

2006-05-29 15:20

I read this sentence - 'He's everything to me and then some" - from a story online. What does 'and then some' mean exactly? Or, is it just that my English is very poor?

Folk prescription and alternative medicine

2006-05-25 15:24

I am an interpreter. I once did some translation on Chinese medicine for a Western visitor. One of the problems I faced was with the term 'Pian Fang' (偏方).

No disclaimers necessary, or are we sure?

2006-05-22 15:52

As societies become increasingly litigious, I said last week, it is a good idea to give a disclaimer before you bring a product to the market, including making a film.

Disclaimer: A few examples

2006-05-18 15:38

Li from Beijing asks:
"In the following sentences - Use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement.Please read our disclaimer - what is the 'disclaimer' about?"

Dreams and reality

2006-05-15 16:05

J. L writes in from Chengdu, Sichuan Province:
"I am a sophomore aged 22 majoring in chemistry from XH University in Chengdu.



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