End game?

2012-12-04 11:28

When the end game is near, the final result is approaching.

Copycat or pirated?

2012-11-27 10:57

This article tells you the difference between copycat and pirate.

Murdoch's right hand man

2012-11-23 10:25

Right-hand man refers to one's most able and trusted confidant or assistant.

He said, she said

2012-11-20 11:28

This means we have no way of knowing exactly what has happened between the two.

Cookie-cutter excuses?

2012-11-16 10:38

I never believe my students when they give me cookie-cutter excuses for why they didn’t do their homework.

Playing possum?

2012-11-13 14:05

It means someone burying their head in the sand, not making an all-out effort.

Back seat?

2012-11-09 12:25

Back seat is a secondary position, one that is less significant, less responsible.

Airbrushed image

2012-11-06 10:00

An airbrushed image is an improved image, one that is retouched, edited or doctored.

Education as a crutch

2012-11-02 10:35

Crutch refers to something that is used as a tool for short-term gains.

Winner-take-all politics?

2012-10-30 15:47

It is a type of politics that heavily rewards winners, giving little to losers.

Man of the world

2012-10-26 13:18

A man of the world is practical and pragmatic, not naively idealistic.

Romney sticking to his guns

2012-10-23 10:37

Romney is deemed courageous for sticking to his position in face of criticism.