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The Week: Jan 7, 2011

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With winter temperatures dropping across China, it looks like more people are dancing to stay warm.

School Shuffle

Here’s a student who’s doing the Melbourne shuffle in his school uniform, as captured by chinasmack.com.

On Stage

And here’s a group of students at a high school in China whose sexy dance moves are making the rounds on the Internet this week.

It Must Be Official

It must be official if these officers from a nearby city administration and law enforcement bureau are grooving to the music, too.

Who’s Got the Talent?

But who’s got the real talent when it comes to dancing? Is it this recent contestant on the popular US TV show “America’s Got Talent” who is making all the right moves, Bollywood style? Or can our resident senior dance expert for The Week, Chris Clark, do those Bollywood moves, too?

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The Week: Jan 7, 2011

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The Week: Jan 7, 2011

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